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This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :') <3 go send her some love
- shane -

I'm not hating. Eugenia is an amazing person. The only thing I don't like is how many times she says like.❤she deserves the best ❤
- Carys Williams -

Shane have you heard of Kate yup?
- Aleshia Bellinger -

Yeah I cant be the only one who sees the connection between Jack Skellington and how obsessed she became with his whole look.
- Rachelle xoxo -

Well.... this channels sucks now......hello !? Are you alive Shane !?
- chris sprenger -

ITS HAPPENING DONT PANIC ! People it’s happening
- Alex:3 The black cat -

Shane don’t you think the song panini might be what the future might look like
- Escarlen Sena -

Shane can you please search up "Kate Yup" and help her.
- Terrence :-P -

@shane I have a huge conspiracy theory that has to do with hurricanes and what’s going on with all the man made hurricanes the government is making to get a hold of all these tourist islands and simply make more money off of them. By taking control of them by simply demolishing the entire island just so they can get a hold of it and the. The entire island Into a profit
- Jeremiah Davis -

You can tell her good spirit is what kept her alive when she was at her worst. It really does seem like she wants to make the world a happier place and wants to raise people up, despite all she's been through. So much love to her.
- Alexis Piatkowski -

🚫🧢 she mad fine
- Adrien Vaquera -

She’s soo sweet!
- Luna Differding-Portales -

She's do sweet, I really am praying for her
- Ann D.H. -

she’s so absolutely beautiful and cute :(( and she’s so genuinely nice. i really just wish the best to her.
- maria -

As someone who has suffered from bulimia, this story is beautiful. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Shane and Euginia for opening up about this. You are both such amazing and wholesome people
- Anna Bruce -

Have you noticed that you will play the role of one of your characters when you tell a joke or are intentionally trying to make them laugh? I found it interesting.
- Loren Carpenter -

Am I the only one that has never heard about her?
- Gisselles World -

- Erika Coleman -

some times the world goes against people like her, they heart her. However she will never lose, only because it is her choice in life to be happy and be positive about the negatives that are thrown towards her. She is strong. I make dark memes, but any one that makes fun of someone in front of the other person's own face is not funny, the type of people are simply just disgusting and inhumane. Eugenia Cooney, you go girl!
- Shahed Killer Rabbit -

Not related to this really but her top is so cute I love the little bunny
- Kutie Gurl -