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This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :') <3 go send her some love
- shane -

Guys, she has a mental disorder. Doesn't mean her family is trying to kill her! I am sure they are a thousand times more concerned for her than you or I will ever be so just have some respect. I don't think she would survive so far if they were not taking care of her in some way she doesn't reject. Because people like that REJECT help. In the end, nobody can force her to take care of herself. Hope she is now talking to some kind of professional to help her deal with emotions. Hate towards her family IS NOT HELPING. And also NOT YOUR PLACE since we don't know anything.
- Andolique -

She is such a beautiful person
- Adderstep_Art -

Every time I feel anorexic I force myself to eat something especially when I don’t feel hungry but I know I haven’t ate anything that day yet.
- Swollen Witch -

She is the sweetest! ♥️
- raquel rodriguez -

Everybody in the comments are saying that shes back to being super skinny and she needs more help...

And maybe she is getting skinnier but going through rehab is hard and it's not easy or a fast process >:V
- Saraya Kennedy -

very unfair to see shane steal her career like this she cant help her health is like this
- doomlist darkness -

Rehab sounds... evil.
And eugenia has relapsed.

I wonder why.... oh wait...
Maybe it's because rehab, holds you against your will, you have no control and you still stay in that mental state.
- Mimi Snowy -

Shane can only do so much, her recovery isn't on him. She is in denial and has to realize herself she needs help. It sucks I know, but problems and addiction only stops when the person with them truly wants to stop and first realized their situation
- Kenna Reed -

hey im not kidding go check on her
- Guada Laino -

I used to be so thin and now Ive put on weight and I love my body x please eat people x look after you’re life’s!! 🔥🔥💕💓
- Simone Rochelle -

shane she is getting skinny again please check on her
- Guada Laino -

I am very happy there's attention for anorexia and an anorexic girl on social. Completely agree.I want they give same attention and behaviour towards the health and psychological background also of obese or weight fluctuating people. Concerns can be same.
- Daniela Bassano -

Who else in quarantine rewatching Shane’s vids cuz they’re bored😂
- liv and ella -

She is back being sad sad to see her like that ...but idk whe couldn't help her she will die poor girl she is my age and makes me break in tears just posting this...I lost hope in her....check her family....
- Cleo Andreea -

theres so many people with eating disorder why is she the onloy one that gets to work on that
- skyla kruseck -

eugenia is literally so wholesome and sweet, she is beautiful the way she is. she doesn’t deserved to get dragged.
- addiebugplays -

The last 5 minutes of this video made me tear up
- Caroline Shoopman -

This video exposed me to Catie Turner’s music and it has literally changed me
- Caroline Shoopman -

I really really do not get how people can be so mean, like HOW?! Eugenia is such a sweet and kind girl, she doesn't deserve all those mean ass comments, I just can't explain how much those hate comments angered me
- SkyRealm -