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I like Ares but only as a villain. Dc lately has made him like an anti hero. I'm sorry but no. Ares isn't Kratos to be an anti hero.
- Jim Kol -

Ares should have tanked Wonder Woman. He's the fucking god of war
- SmithN' Wesson -

Now love what you dooo
- papanii khalifa -

Umm, I'm a man and I'd much rather live on Amazon island and love those women for the rest of my life than fight in war dieing painfully surrounded by bloody sweaty men.
- JusticeGraceful -

Anything to do with women is automatically Wonder Woman's enemy lol

(That's cool, but what about men?)
WW: Who?
- David AdventTime21 -

I would like to see a History Of Ares episode
- JackOfHearts -

Cersei lannister?
- KnightGuts -

Yes do that
- Khalid Abubaker -

how tf did Ares kill Zeus and other god in Wonder Woman?
- vinh nguyen -

so if ares wounds are healed ang he gets stronger and stronger during an act of war shouldnt ares be immortal towards those that fight him. he could start a universal war and be so damn powerful.
- mhigzyWhigzy Gee -

Do marvel ares
- Seth Hock -

where's Zeus
- Donna Smith -

Long live the Ghost of Sparta!
All hail the God of War!
- Mr. Hyperface -

Do the marvel version of ares
- Roger Fry -

Ares destroy my college and my life is yours
- Mudit -

Love Variant!
- JTP Comics -

You should read all of the Rick Riordan first even the off series...
- Victoria Schreiber -

This is the DC Ares? F that
- Brunobrutus -

He so powerful but always getting dicked down
- the all mighty -

They put the amulet of armoania in his chest to become small and good whitout the amulet of armonia he becomes big and bad
- Earl Christian Segodine -