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The Monkees we’re a major influence on The Beatles...
- Jarrod Mann -

2 of my rock heros

The guy looks like a mix between adam jones and friedman
- igunzOsick -

i wanna learn thrash...
- Chyle Louis Tarroza -

Which was the best of the big four thrash metal bands of the 80s - Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer or Megadeth? The answer is none. My favourite was always, and continues to be, Testament. Criminally underrated band. Best of all they still make great albums, unlike Metallica who haven´t made a half-decent record for almost 30 years.
- MetalMan73100 -

" Return to serenity "

Grown man calls himself Squiggy.
- 123xyz -

Two of the greatest 🤘
- Bo Newman -

just let them play!
- Un Seen -

Alex rockin' the flanged-out Van Halen tone - not sure why though.
- HinjuRock -

Alex skolnick is great but eric is underrated
- Givemeriffs 1414 -

Uhg, My old Brain! What is the Outro Song on this video
- Adam Kinney -

lol Peterson is such a noob in music theory, it's adorable. He's definitely the polar opposite of Skolnick
- GamePlayMetal -

Cant wait to see overkill tomorow
- Robert Cowde -

really kool to find out burnt offerings isnt just my favorite testament song, but testaments favorite testament song too
- Crusher O'Lies -

...and this right here, folks, is why Testament has been my favorite thrash band since 1991!
- G.Phillips -

- aviezek -

anyone know what practice amp that is??
- Isan Simpson -

Man that room their in has terrible acoustics
- Draugre -

Man those riffs bring back memories.

Testament was in my top 3 metal bands for years, through Elementary, Junior and High School, and for some time beyond. Metallic, Anthrax, Testament were it for me. At least for Metal.

Rush was always my #1 band above all else.
- TwoCats Yelling -