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I always love you rose eznie atilia🥺❤
- akeem mohammad -

Losing control
- Isabel Rodriguez -

Snapped 🔥 🔥
- Immortal Sąlly -

Me emocionei ca porra da propaganda do itaul, se fuder. acho que to muito emotivo. kakakakakakkakakakkaka
- GuaYa!!! -

"...T.Pain has left the chat."
- Venom -

Any filipino fan here

Pa like nga .
- Angelo kyen -

Who still listening Dec 2019
- Money Casserole -

I dont have anyone new but I felt that part when he said ...She dont trust herself
- Lateasha Wells -

All she ever got was broken hearted 🦋🖤
- Sleepy Sagittari -

Can totally relate
- Savage AF -

1987 guys? this song hit harder than getting hit by a ball in the face
- Pj Mejorada -

This is what im going threw. Good to know. Im not alone.
- Henrietta Ninja -

Man.. it seems like every time I go through something.. great sad music like this one gets made and I hear it for the first time. 2017 was a really shitty year for me, I felt like I lost everything and I always heard this song and it’s weird but I’m glad that stuff happened because i grew to a better me and I can remember those times as memories. I hope Russ comes to Fresno so I could see a concert of his.
- Jonathan Gonzalez -

My ex put me through the same thing I felt the same way that women felt in this video everything about this video I went through because of my ex I had no choice but to move on thanks to God he made me realize that it's another day to start fresh regardless of what happens 💯 he will pay his price to God
- Mercymariee Mariee -

- Cooper Kurt -

Russ a legend fr
- Yeroc The Great -

js blasting this in my car @ 3 AM yk 🥴
- anna -

Who's still jam this in December????
- Roydale Stewart -

My favorite song out of all of the others,...I mean I still like the other songs, but this one is top for me 💜
- Asia Dumas -

I’m here for the mustang
- Charles Finley -