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Imagine having to go "hooo" during the whole song
- Ραrκ Ηγε Μιη -

In 1991 I asked Santa for a 3-way with the Deal sisters. Santa sucks.
- Crashburn 32 -

Pixies one of the Greatest bands ever
- jason walters -

People are gonna get very mad at me for saying this, but I thought this version wasn't very good. Love the song, great band, but the "whooooooo" thingy sounded a bit flat or sharp (I won't say "pitchy" cuz there's some fanboys in this chat thatl get real triggered). Also vocals in general sounded a bit too tight. Once again, just my opinion
- Addisonia Corp -

O god... I forgot my mind in this song. But, i cant stop to listen this song
- C O B Y X -

That’s one cool drummer 2:33
- vegjeezy17 -

я думал это Хованский за жизнь у гитары под пивко...

Here because of niravana
- imanual mahida -

This song makes my nipples hard
- μΙΑ πΕτΡα -

holy shit this is the birth of Grunge
- Jonathan Simões -

Tbh ,that back up vocal is pretty annoying
- Sky Marbles -

Saw them live yesterday
- Francesca Mason -

Fine Jewtube I'll fucking watch this recommended video. Just get it off my home page ffs
- BNuttSack -

Remember when female musicians like kim had real talent??
Now its all who can be the biggest talentless sjw lunatic slut , like beyonce and katy Perry.
- It was ME , DIO -

God in case one day 2 girls knock on my door and destroy my stuff and ruin me, i hope it's jennie and lisa of blackpink.
- potatomato :p -

Awesome. Thanks. Pixies Rock. I can't thank You enough. :)
- jonnybgoode007 -

Such a great band. Before cRap and sHit-Hop took over.
- Bluenose 1986 -

who puts thumb down is a fucking looser
- fabio nappi -

Kim reminds me of my friend Jenny Beyss before she blew her mind on dope.
- steve conn -

With  Kim Deal from The Breeders, and not Kim Shattuck(R.I.P. <3)
- Pat Fraz -