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The album cover is funny because that's actually what goes on in my mind as an insomniac when i'm trying to sleep
- Mario4life -

Goddamn I haven’t heard this in so long.
- Dylan Downard -

- Jonathon LeMay -

Youtube should remove the dislike button
- Bobby Davis -

- WoRd SmArt -

When you forget to turn down your brightness at midnight
- Ja Broski -

Mom: if you can’t sleep , listen to music
Me: grabs bass
Dad: grabs guitar

Mom: grabs microphone
- Gabriel Hargrove -

When you just had the best Sunday but tomorrow’s Monday

- Gabriel Hargrove -

I lip sank this to some random couple at a red light and they seemed terrified
- Cody Gearheart -

Myself and two of my siblings are autistic, and two of us have mental health issues. This video literally just makes me feel like shit for being disabled lol.
- L Lawliet -

a lot of people don’t believe i listen to this 😂😂 but green day is a legend
- Natalie Evelyn-Grace -

- Erik Allen -

What the fuck is this?... don't explain..just play....🎸🎸 1.75 speed..
- Eric Rivera -

Come on now come on now
- Romie Mendoza -

On my own, here we go.
- Geoffrey Messer -

this song is chill but hardcore. does that make any sense?
- Davenay Hill -

This gon make the hoes wet
- MaverickTheGod -

Fucked up and spun out in my room
- Smoke Weed -

I ended up listen to this song this morning
Big mistake
I ended up having it in my head all day at school so I had to wait to go home so I could play it again
- GerardWayFromStateFarm 19436 -

So this is where guitar hero got their missed strums sound effects.
- Flohster -