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as a mcu fan i can say this movie is brilliant.
- Hakan ARIK -

three greatest films of all time is a pretty insane statement lol
- emielaen -

The originals and prequels are the only Star Wars.
- Brady Carrigan -

Frankenstein fan fiction abortions xD
- Droobster SE -

I wish people would understand that it isn't OUR story to tell. You can say it sucked, but we know that it's mainly because the movie wasn't made the way we thought it should be. We didn't make the movie. The movie doesn't need to be remade. Just accept that it is what it is. SMH
- Chris Droge -

haha fuck Disney
- TheTyphoon365 -

All I want from Disney is the release of the original trilogy theatrical editions. (Not the special editions). After that Disney can implode for all I care.
- Will McCormick -

must be nice having a forum where you can hear people with your opinions complain about fantasy movies that you hate and feel like someone else out there is like you.
- Tezca Coatl -

I hope this makes people realize one more time that digital piracy should be legal
- leandrodafontoura -

Red Letter Media covers this shit way better, why even make a video?
- Dank Bungle -

It's amazing you nailed it right on the head.. I remember coming out of the cinema when the first one came out, I was 7 years old and this last one was like.. Meh.. So disappointed
- Joe K -

The Luke Skywalker rewrite was a disgrace. He went from someone insisting the most evil and dangerous person in the Galaxy should be redeemed, to someone that almost murdered a child that had a chance of being evil
Be logical. When you write for a saga, write it in a way that makes sense compared to the rest of the story, and if you truly want something different that rewrites it that drastically, promote new franchises.
- Ano Nymous -

I stopped watching these feminist Star War franchises when they made women as Jedi worriers. Thanks to the feminist producer Kathrine Kennedy who said we don't need men as fans anymore.
- Bobby Robby -

I <3 Mark Hamill
- Fellow Citizen -

Fuck Disney!!!
- Johnny Casteel -

Maybe the Benny Hill theme music instead? That would have at least been entertaining vs the train wreck that was TLJ.
- John McDaid -

Can’t the third movie start with Han Solo aka Harrison Ford wake up and go “that was an awful dream I just had”
- Casual Content -

Thanks Jewsney
- Mr. Bones, the Serious Wizard -

Disney copyright claim otherwise known as: The Empire Strikes Back.
- lachazaroony -

Wow they really got to you didn't they 😱 unfortunately George had already balls'd up this story with his digital revisits and the god awful prequel's ( 3 hour's of politics and Jaja ) before he sold it to the greedy Disney corporation, you would have to be pretty naive to believe they weren't going to turn it into one of there cartoons (there was a small amount of hope with Rouge One ) everybody dies I liked that film, I went to the Cinema in 1977 to see a mind blowing life changing little film called STAR WARS no new hope just STAR WARS and I sometimes wish it had stopped there. 😎
- GweiloJohn -