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So scary and cute
- walter chancay -

- monica ruiz -

Who was a fan of Billie from this song I am this is my first song I heard from her
- Samantha Feuge -

I now love the monster under my bed!
- Najh will -

Minha Billiie
- Bmusik Vitor -

Man, itโ€™s just me that this SCREAMS sexual abuse? from the lyrics โ€œi canโ€™t say noโ€ and the guy talking โ€œcome here, carefulโ€ to the video (lots of hands touching her and grabbing her hair, ripping her clothes and injecting needles in her. Like??? Nobody seeing this?
- Naty -

2:11 that bounce!
- Roman Kostenko -

- mundo da diversรฃo camila e julia -

anybody watching during quarantine?
- Just a Fangirl -

Billie:Why arenโ€™t you scared of me. Oh fam you know what we do to creeps in this house
- VOIDZ_ Zer0 gaming -

Does she really has needles put on her back just for a music vedio
- mermaid sis -

Chida la musica
- Dany Cervantes -

- Travis Mattingly -

"I can't say no, no"

Me: But you just said no- *is confusion*
- sulieman nwaiser -

I love Billie Eilish ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
- Evelyn Obando -

- saro happy -

I miss Lil peep
- xXxFresh INK5.0xXx -


Ocean eyes: Iโ€™m scared
Bellyache: I wanna make them scared
Bury a friend: Why arenโ€™t you scared of me?
Bad guy: Sheโ€™s scared of me
- bareluk -

- bareluk -