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I sleep to this. This is my sweet sweet lullaby
- Lesson Met -

I fucking love this song
- Monster among men -

Stupid how a bunch of fucking jokers paint a smiley face on Nirvana.
- Legionem Sapientes -

This song sounds so “slayerish” so heavy
- Gibaničar Stolar -

- Sina Haufler -

“they come with the flashing lights, and take my family away”
- Avia 170 -

- brian ramirez -

I enjoy being in this comment section because only herr you find the true Nirvana fans. Fuck the fakes who worships Smells Like Teen Spirit cause it's the only song they know
- Alex Gherghina -

One of best bleach tracks in my opinion. Does anyone else hear the similarity to black metal with the vocals and drums?
- C- Zero -

wow, some riffs had a Darkthrone vibe, their music incorporates everything, Nirvana's the ****ing best
- Arjun Subhash -

Metal nirvana
The best
- Another Old Fan of Dragon Ball (A7X) -

Esto es mucha maldad for me
- Cuenta suspendida -

- henceu _KedaiSultan -

What a beautiful nightmare kinda song.
- Erika Evans-Davis -

Siting in the Angry Chair.
- Dimitri Andreiev -

Must be a coincidence,but the prechorus or whatever you want to call it ,has some similarities with a few Alice in chains songs. I think the influence may come from some melvins songs though.
- Alexandra Burkhardt -

It’s such a bummer they got so much lame
Press. Like fetishizing sadness and mental illness. Like dude chill they were just a very good punk band. Good Crunchy bois
- Demonlord 69 -

damn thats heavy
- Tommaso Fu -

When I'm feeling tired
She pushed food through the door
And I crawl towards the crack of light
Sometimes I can't find my way
Newspapers spread around
Soaking all that they can
A cleaning is due again
A good hosing down
The lady whom I feel maternal love for
Cannot look me in the eyes
But I see hers and they are blue
And they cock and twist and masturbate
I said so
I said so
I said so
Nirvana, nirvana, nirvana, nirvana
Black windows of paint
I scratched with my nails
I see others just like me
Why do they not try to escape?
They bring out the older ones
They point in my way
They come with a flash of light
And take my family away
And very later I have learned to
Accept some friends of ridicule
My whole existence is for your amusement
And that is why I'm here with you!
To take you with me
You're right
Nirvana, nirvana, nirvana, nirvana
Nirvana, nirvana, nirvana, nirvana
- •.Rorrelle.• -

This should have been the intro song.
- Andrés Brea -