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I think you should do things to me Jen
- TheDpoppop -

Would love to see Jen in Wicked Weasel Bikinis...they have some styles she would look awesome in and you could share pictures on Microminimus :-)
- BuckeyenNJ -

Smokin hot.
- ironhorse67 -

I know she doesn't like the sling, but she sure looks sexy in it!

She has done an excellent job of taking care of herself. She looks great!

I want you
- Jim Belluccio -

thanks...I enjoyed your video
- True Review -

i love seeing you those bikinis, but for some reason at the start of each video when you wear that red outfit you just look too goddam sexy! and oh my god you should have kept that skimpy black bikini on would have loved to see what it looked like from behind ;)
- todd gallant -

Sure like to give you a good munching!
- Sam Was -

holy cow I can only wish
- Dave Ridge -

- octopibingo -

look hot in all of them Jen farmer is a lucky guy
- جگچب نچج -

looks great but is she good in bed?
- christhecarpenter -

She's super hot!!
- mudhens4ever -

Hi,be careful,there are a lot of nut's in this world,you have a nice looking wife,NO NEED,to show her to the world,VERY DISREPECTFUL as well,BE CAREFUL!
- deesconi 4 -

She's hot in anyone's book....
- South Sea -

I don't know what're you doing to keep your body in this shape @ this age but whatever it is, just keep doing it !
- 3abbosi -

VAH VOOM what a sport to put on that "gross " one....heh heh  you are a lucky man, thanks so much for sharing.
- TOMYKA1951 -

Wow, I don't know how I came across this, but "Farm Girl" is one of the hottest women I have ever seen!!! If you're into muscular, fit, healthy women ..Whoa outstanding!
- Tigger0067 -

Fantastic video, as ever Jen. You look amazing in every bikini. Keep the great videos coming.
- bungford4 -