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- Nadia Maria -

"It was fun when we were young and now we're older" 🤩
- Éloïse Dumas -

Mi canción favorita <3
- Adriana Astuquillca -

I'm not crying I swear 😭😭😭😭😭😭
- Cathryn McWilliams -

Alright, how can I start?...
My name is Andrea, I am 24 years old and I am from Brazil. I live in Boston and I am an international student here. About a week ago, a friend of mine showed me a page online about a radio contest to gather socks this winter for a chance to win tickets to the Jonas Brothers Concert in Boston on the 24th. I saw that as my opportunity and I gave it a shot.
I told them my story and why I really wanted to go to the concert and the private concert they were going to have as well on that same day, and not only my story was selected to be among the 10 people that were going to be a part of the contest but I also had to let go of that chance. Why? As I said I am an international student here but since I came with a tourist visa and changed my status, I don’t have a social security number because you can only get one if you’re part of a work program at your school, which I will only be by the end of next year since I just started studying there this year. Since budget is tight as well, I couldn’t afford a ticket on my own as well. To be part of the contest though, you need to have a tax payer number in case you get placed in one of the 4 top positions, because the monetary value of the prize is high and needs to be declared.
Now, as for my story, I learned english by myself, and the base for my english came from songs, then tv shows and movies, and then I started talking to people over the internet and it just got better. Guess who the songs that made me start learning were from? That’s right, The Jonas Brothers. I never had money growing up, so my friends who had computers and internet would just write the lyrics in english for me and the translation and I would sing along on the radio and that’s where I got my initial pronunciation first. I loved them, but I knew I would never had money to travel from my hometown (Cuiaba - MT) to Sao Paulo - SP to see their concert but maybe my situation would get better and I would be able to go, who knew, right?! However, after some time and my family situation was getting a bit better, they split up, and even though financially I would still not be able to go to a concert, it wouldn’t matter anymore since they were not together anymore.
Getting to go to a concert and feeling that vibe and good energy that they are carrying was a huge dream of mine, their songs and history was part of a huge chapter of my life and it helped bring me here, to this country, inspired me to learn a whole new language and I am very proud of where I got with my efforts and my english, but I really wanted to go to the concert or at least have the chance to get an autograph or something, anything really.
Their song, just like for many of their fans, guided me through some really tough things, specially “Hold On” and “Love is on it’s way”. And when I found out that they were together again this year, and I was so close but with no money to go, I took the first opportunity I saw to try to see them. But unfortunately rules are rules and I had to leave the open spot for another contestant, since I didn’t have the proper documentation to be in the contest of the radio.
I wanted to see if I could get an autograph since I can’t afford to go to the concert right now.
So, I am sharing my story, feeling silly too for it, but hoping that maybe someone knows how I can get my story to them, to let them know that not only they have many fans - which they already know, but they touched people’s lives more than they can ever imagine. I am really sad I got this opportunity and I lost it for things that were not in my control, but I still feel like I should do something, say something, try something. If any of you, fans from the bottom of your heart, know of anything or any place I can send this to, I would really appreciate it. I can’t shake the feeling and the nostalgic memories of all my posters from my heart and their new songs just make me feel like this was a new opportunity for that teenage dream to come true, maybe share this new happiness they brought to all of us fans by coming back into our lives.
If anyone knows anything, please let me know.
- Ândrea Lemes -

Best song eveeeeeeeeerrrrrrr 🖤
- Sofia Marrero -

I always think I can hold it together and listen to this song then Nick sings "We've found better days" and i lose it.
- Andrea Kay -

I never thought I would be a Jonas Brothers fan and here I am at 43 and I can’t get enough. Wishing them and their families many years of success. Well done, fellas ✨🍻
- Christina Tyler -

- saroj bhuker -

Key songwriter on this song - Ryan Tedder. They cowrote a number of songs on this album, but this one is his and they joined in on writing it.
- Sam S -

I love this song and I love the j bros
- Skyanne Gomez -

This song deserves more views and a music video !
- Dana 56R -

Who is here after watching CHASING HAPPINESS..?
- Pritpal Singh -

reminds me of avicii
- Marami styles -

if they make another music video or single, i feel like it has to be this song!
- _em -

Who is here after Priyanka Chopra insta Story
Anyway Thanks to her for introducing this beautiful track 🔴
- Joy c -

love this song
- Renata Avila -

- Alondra López -

Listening to this and feeling happy when I'm sad bc I'm remembering and missing their concert :( Not trying to flex on anybody, just having a moment.
- Mary Lickona -

remember when they opened the tour with this and we all 😭
- johnnie -