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This song is underrated compared to Sucker, Cool, and Only Human
- Naruto Hyuga -

Their voices are soooooooo soothing! 😌😌☺☺
- Noelle Light -

Seeing this song so underrated breaks my heart😩
- k b -

until you say the part when you young
- Declan McNamara -

I like the tone of the begining of this song
- Declan McNamara -

I love the jonas brothers who is your fav i like nick
- Eliana Molina -

Sounds Ryan Tedder and i'm here for it. I love this type of music when you feel like you're inside of a movie
- Life is Amazing Without Effort -

my favorite song!
- Claire Barber -

This song hits me hard 🥺 Love you JoBros 💕
- Fany 838697 -

Jonas brothers is my fav band and this is my fav song❤️😆! I wish I could go to their concert!❤️❤️❤️❤️
- Student Hayden Money -

Such a good song!
- Rachel Rufibach -

Who's listen know 10 may 2020 🇬🇧😥🌍🌎🌏🌈
- A day in life with Harriette Judge -

Love this song
- Dillon RBLX -

I frickin love this song! 😍❤️
- Eve Cerda -

Happy Jonas Daaaay <3
- raquel salinas -

- Marsha Jasmine -

Siempre amaré con toda mi alma esta canción, me da mucha emoción escucharla y recordarlos bajando !! ❤❤❤
- Ivana Sahagun -

this song is clearely about them and how they have grown and all their struggles throughout the years and how they are now back together and how theyd do it all again, this song also means 10x more after watching their documentary xx
- chloe tribe -

This That Song I Be Seeing On Twitch Ads
- WWEKrazyboy -

Song number 1 roller coaster Jones bothers.
- Jason calmet services Ea -