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This hook is a George Floyd sampled?
- Dvint -

Still bumpin..2020! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
- mpb1116 -

This article save money
- elizabeth Cano -

RIP BIG FLOYD this rap here would never been made w out big names like?????
........tell me !!
- pistol pete121287 -

- Demichael Davis -

- 10toe ken -

2020 🀲 No cap this shit is still like a πŸ”₯
- Don Dejsov -

- B.M. -

Hits hard AF!!!!
Bun B- Stay in Ya place hits harder tho!!! Pitbull before he became a Pop Star
- Luke P -

I guess I’m the only one still listening to this 🀣
- Diamond Fleming -

- charles pipkin -

- charles pipkin -

whos still here in 2020?

Birdman verse hard fucking y’all niggas talking about.
- Adilson Pires -

- Meliodas420 -

Still Bangin in 2020 #Blassic πŸ”₯
- Black Biker1017 -

Much love birdman woo woo, texas love always, bell county for life, 254 the SOUTH SIDE
- Joseph Castro -

Fuck it, I know the flow, sometimes the move ain't mine's, we all like to shine, we all likes to drive and we all love it when the crowd gets up jumps the boogie for what you did dug, like I suppose, I'm still in the hood, up in the house, got a studio, ain't no studio G but a real ass gangsta out on, kept the rymthes clean and uncut, kept the mind focus on never being a goner, kept the version revised like king james boy, it's like a pandemic, cant just do anything, gots to be right, some rolling, some chilling, everybody else be entrepreneured up, you know what's up, just hold your own, just keep it legit, just dont trip and stand your grounds dog, what a way to get through the struggle, what a way just so we knew then you was one hell of a soldier, a soldier of god, a soldier of a fortune, a soldier of your time, go get medals or messeges, go get a life or keep your soul, I'm a stay home or at the club, onething for sure I'm no celebrity or what mr.gates got chilling with him around son, see how I get around don, I'm so hood, see how I'm stuck like chucks, the program is all good, see what they say everytime im brought up, I may not be nellyville but what Nelly kicks it with everytime the clock ticks tocks, I'm a G
- Joseph Castro -

THIS us my eras G SHIT, this beat is tight asf tho ... SLIMS MY FAV DOWN IN HOUSTON THO!!! He stays HAVING good ass music
- Bubba -

Trill South guys.
- Marcus Harris -