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Recorded at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, dope.
- Skware US -

I don't know why people seems hated Kerry so much , he's such a nice guy in my opinion
- Mutilasi Jelangkung -

4:03 dimebag spotted
- Nicolas Villamil -

Warren Lee seems like a bad ass tech. He knows the rig inside and out. Just trying to show love to the man behind the live gig
- mike nicholson -

Dimebag photo on the amp makes me like Kerry whole lot better.
- Tomek Rzewuski -

2:37 LMAO
- Jesse's Auditorium -

Slayer SUCKS!!!
- ckelley63 -

What about the biggest effect on tone, the mics they use?
- Witness The Wrath -

Ill never forget when I saw slayer come out with a bunch of marshall stacks in the shape of crosses and when the set started the marshall crosses inverted. so metal.
- Matthew Wolf -

I wonder what the ipod for
- Robert Richardson Richardson -

Them are some serious kick ass guitars!!!
- Randy Stites -

Umm... Kerry King switched to Dean guitars now...
- cjetelomar2010 -

When are people going to realize that when you plug a guitar, that has a pickup on it, into an amplifier that is turned on. The wood, the plastic, the pickguard, the ebony neck, the inlays, the weight of the mahogany tree that was used, the MAN who put the woods together, the GLUE that was used to stick the neck to the body, the the trap.. the f*cking EVERyTHING... no longer matters. It's the pickup, the string guage, the mater you USE to pick the strings with, the ANGLE OF ATTACK of your play on the strings, what part of the thing you pick with you use etc. The guitar could be made from Concrete, from top to bottom, put YOUR pickup in it in the same place, YOur strings, play it through YOUR amp, and boom. There;s your original guitar. different trees making a guitar sounds different for F*CKS sake, and fully grown men who KNOW about electronics, who know about ELECTROMAGNETISM especially telling you about woods types need a slap. If there the string carries the vibration to the pickup. NO the wood or the guitar, do you know how i know? because there's NO wood TOUCHING the strings. The string ONLY touches The NUT and the Birdge, they're made from? Metal or plastic or Bone. So how can you play a string and have the string go past the nut, bypass the pickups on it's way down past the bridge, INTO the body, pickup some MAGIcAL WOOD Sound melody, THEn run BACK through the Nut and back THROUGH the bridge and THEN go to your pickup, and THEN into the amp... ffs.
- Tony Quigley -

Biggest surprise: Kerry’s string gauges
Tom just seems like overall nice guy!
- William Pierce -

Beautiful Guitars!
- 1Blastarr -

please interview kahan from booze and glory
- max load -

Slayer sucks. That is all.
- Daniel Cannon -

- André Luiz Vieira luiz -

I need those sunnys , anyone know wat brand they are ? SLAYER are awesome :)
- Leedy Scalemodeller -

- Mutilator Official -