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Will forever love this band so dearly
- Tyler D -

not to be that guy but i prefer their earlier days such as these performances....that bein said i fuckin love Siamese Dream, which may still be considered "early days"...its a masterpiece.
- Vince Giambattista -

this weird aircut
- Neo bright -

LOVE that version of Slunk! Classic Pumpkins!
- Geoff Nickles -

3:10 Haha, someone was in on the joke early on.
- Todd Pilp -

I liked the guitar tone on snap.
- Phillip Perryman -

wpc: why you cut yer hair man?
- Royden Bellman -

That Dallas Starplex set is still my favorite Pumpkins memory of many. Left the Beastie Boys set halfway through because the Flaming Lips were supposed to play the 2nd stage. Then the curtains parted and Billy said "Sorry we're not the Flaming Lips" before ripping into a b-sides set. One of the very, VERY few times Darcy sang 'My Daydream' Live.
- modesthero -

Geez these people are a bit too close to them. That would make me uncomfortable.
- zebredpooding -

James got a lot more solos in the old days... He plays well, but the wailing of Billy Corgan's overdriven strat IS the sound of the early Pumpkins for me.
- Joshua Dyer -

Chamberlain is like a superhero. He'll never let you down.
- Aleix Ruiz Falqués -

Youtube really is amazing. Being able to discover and see rare stuff like this, decades after the fact, is a real treat.
- Shmoptimus Prime -

- Z4NY -

Is the first one sudsey malones in Cincinnati
- Michael Arvin -

ATOMIC RECORDS! One of my favorite record stores back the the day. Magical times.
- StrangeWays -

'Dancing in the moon light". Never heard that song before now. Sounded great.
- Bryan Keith -

Billy’s pissed that Darcy doesn’t know anymore tunes after Slunk
- Drew Littell -

Top notch playlist 🏆💯 👏👏👏 Well done!
- 1bit -

they still fucking rock today
- cass xo -

I am not seeing a gradual change , im seeing big change in music style with their first album release , they really did not sound same in earlier live shows
- smilsmff -