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RIP Trev
- max tunnicliffe -

Esta es una banda! No como la bosta de sex pistols
- Bicicletas Garofalo -

English Punk Old school HipHop ReggaeDub...death to Nazis
Hip hop punk, nice!
Hip hop punk, nice!
- liuliu liu -

2:03 !!
- max grouwstra -

I saay!!!!!!!!
- Charles Katz -

Another great Bass riff...GUNS OF BRIXTON
This is the song which introduced rap-rock genre in music history.
- Brenda Bench -

you can't be true you can't be false. you'll be given the same reward
- yzarCgnikcuFmi -

so damn good
- bb bblues -

I heart that bassline probably a thousand times in the 90'ies, never knew it was The Clash.
- Marius Raab -

Best music ever for Jumping rope & Boxing training.
- Archangel -

Iron man 2
- Bicicletas Garofalo -

- Nabil Smahi -

Excellent thanks
- Chet Tennant -

I've been wondering where I heard that sick bassline from. And I never in my life expected The Clash. My mind is literally blown.
- Ya Dingus -

I made a cup of tea for Joe Strummer once. Nice chap. Hung out with him backstage for a while.
- avebury ridge -

Sto pezzo
Era così avanti che se si guardava indietro vedeva il nostro futuro 🔮
... So ahead
Clash rule
- screenfixer -

Get your car... outta that gear!
- Jazzman3121 -

Best Bass Line in history!!! Am i right or am i right?
- marcus casha -

"F'kin' long innit" lol <3 Joe Strummer
- Vicky Alba -

lo mas grade The Clash por siempre¡
- alejandro gonzalez -