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Love the lyrics
- D.J. GUIBAL moore -

Like England I will go for a trip .
- D.J. GUIBAL moore -

Temazo de the clash!!
- Cristian Salinas -

"Wave bye bye!" It's The Clash. Doing a rap song. In 1980. Deal with that.
- Antonio Gramsci -

- Christian Neveu -

"An Italian mobster shoots a lobster"
- Jacob Guenther -

The Clash suck but this is a good song
- Bryan Metro -

Melhor banda
- Murilo Souza -

“Jimmy Honda keeps you sonic.”
- Captain Freedom -

You stop listening to crap, this is a great dance track.
How come people never go to clubs during the week now. Wake up one life
- Malvin Mainwaring -

Bonjour je suis disponible pour le moment.
- Angelique Vorger -

Hear his on iron man 2, and I had to find it
- RiSe Typhoon -

5:00 "fuckin long init"
- Linklamontygu -

Asked the community awhile back_still unanswered-who were the magnificent 7 _millhouse nixon Ghandi tin tin tin Luther king were 5---who is 6 n 7?
- Al Palumbo -

The Clash! Best rocknroll band alltime?
- Rio Rio -

The Clash ♥️ ....... love love, dig it! 💃🏽💃🏽🔥🔥👌
- The 7 Sisters -

- Gerard Kuijper -

Great song to do cocaine lol
- Jermaine loggins -

Now we know there are 761 people without good musical taste
- Nacho Alvarez Mallo -

One of the best recordings I have on vinyl. Always sounds like the band is playing right in front of you.
- DBLG65 -