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Best Christmas present !!!
- NoMadU55555 -

Achei que esta música era do Nazareth mas foi gravada por Everly Brothers e Roy Orbison!
- Fernando 11:11 -

O toque desta guitarra deste integrante da banda, faz quaquer um pirar a cabeça.
- Antonio Pereira -

The perfect voice for this song!
- Keith Garrett -

Saudade dessas musicas eu era crianca e gostava delas muito lindas
- Elias Ferreira -

Essa música é ETERNA
- Uemerson Fernandes -

That 70s Show
- Robby White Head -

- Gabriel Marcondes -

12/14/2019 I’m still in love with this song 🥰
- TEA G. Asi es la Vida -

Can all the idiots who comment 'who is listening in 2019 or whenever, go find something constructive to say! Honestly gets on my tits! We can clearly see when your comment is posted 🤔
- Hutch Mazy -

sweet memory Love forever
- Eridian Oliveira -

Quem está ouvindo em Dezembro
- Ludwig Kiebler -

Amo essa musica
- c game -

Music nazaret memang luar biasa bagus
- music ysecrewyes' -

Nazaret luar biasa
- music ysecrewyes' -

"" sana and i hope"" di n mwwala ang mga ddication ko sa yo coz di n ulit ako mg ddidicate s yo, carefull with my heart 🙏🏽🧚🏽?♀️
- Emelita Perez -

- Олег Дмитриев -

70’s and 80’s best songs of my life
- Glucky Strong -

legend sung with their heart ...thats why da song stuck inside our mind not like da singer today....they sing not from their heart,they sing just for fun .....their music are good but can't beat da legend....
- ComeTo Papa -

Amazing nazareth bond
- Margarita Ayayo -