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💜DP would be proud 🀘🏌
- Ojb 1959 -

That guy on guitar ruins it
- Dr. Love -

Excellent cover. Attitude!
- Iain Mitchell -

3:59 that snare play sounds fuckin awesome.
- Jack smith -

Chickenfoot lost NOTHING substituting Satch for EVH. NOTHING!!!!! Ask Steve Vai!
- Michael M -

Holy shit, that's what you call rocking out!
- Jaki F -

- AsphaltMan11 -

The tits on that babe at 7:11. Damn!!!!
- Forrest Hunter -

Ritchie watched this and deadpanned, " Clearly they have some ability, that much is obvious". Meaning he was blown away.
- Gabe Caggiano -

I love how Sammy has to go down on his knees to read the teleprompter!! Lol....
- Kevin Maney -

Apparently Chicken Foot is a Deep Purple Cover Band.
- Rahmat Gunawan -

Is that Chad Smith on Drum?
- Rahmat Gunawan -

Damn what a tune composed in 1971 !
- Didier HORNBECK -

Sammy is the only guy that when he plays air guitar is NOT playing air guitar!
- Studio DaVeed -

Satch justs kill it.
- Gestapo Pussyranch -

Love the way Hagar has to read the words off the stage floor! Anthony is crap!!
- Jim McCulloch -

Joe satriani for eddie van halen ... what a match
- guzman peri -

The best cover
- Torsten Perschk -

High energy, In your face, Rock and roll here.
- Robert Schaffer -

Jeezus, the tones coming out of Joes guitar is unreal
- Georgie Thumbs -