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everytime i see mark, i see tom cruise with long hair
- Pewterschmidt -

Gary's Les Paul rips have always been under rated. But in my book, not many guitarist topped them.
- Mack Lack -

Love ya Gary!
- btsmchl -

Rossington,s high as a kite!
- pfdfcc -

At the 10:20 mark when he talked about breaking the whammy you could tell Ricky really enjoyed that, those are intimate details only a real fan would know by going to shows. excellent
- Bob Busby -

Tribute band
- SkinnySweatyMan -

Glad this band is Calling it Quits
- Clay Chandler -

The Edge is known for the explorer not this nobody
- MIke Caldwell -

this is just a cover band
- MIke Caldwell -

Can they have someone else take over the interviews. This guy makes me cringe with his awkward douchieness.
- DavEleven -

SM57 interview I can dig it!
- Wayne Ridenhour -

The other two guys are bored to death while Rossington is being interviewed .
- Flike -

Can anyone say awkward
- Frederick Green -

Dang they got old dang I'm old
- Frederick Green -

Wizard? WTH is that?
- precision Brown -

Gary looks like he's either completely wasted or has some sort of medical problem? Anyone else have any ideas?
- Tobacco Road -

He’s completely burned OUT!
- Wayland Colburn -

I'm just gonna tell the guys, while I still have a chance, Thanks Y'all! You've always been and always will be the best! 😎
- Waterburner Zero Six -

John Bolinger looks incredibly awkward as he towers over Gary Rossington while conducting this interview. He's got too many people crammed into the small space, and won't let Gary finish speaking. He always has to interrupt the people he is interviewing. His incessant babbling and overexcited demeanor are a huge turnoff. STOP INTERRUPTING THE LYNYRD SKYNYRD GUYS JOHN!
- Ike Fork -

IMO and I'm sure a lot of other people's Steve Gains is a way, way WAY under appreciated and overlooked guitar player. The guy was PHENOMENAL!! Before Skynyrd he released a solo album, Into the Sun, if you doubt my word check it out!! When he auditioned for Skynyrd they were blown away, and this is a band with Allen Collins and Gary Rosdington!!
- seattwa -