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Yes but, will it chug?
- joylesstiger -

I'd would love to have it..I'm left handed..and they are harder to find them and cost more..
- Joe Pinto -

Just wanted to say hello my name is Wes perryman and I am also a unique guitar player ☠️
- wes man -

cool axe
- mikau 991 -

This guys fashion is slick. A gentleman at heart.
- Wingnut Mcspazatron -

Shame Fender owns Jackson now, A new USA Soloist (regular production run) use to be only half the cost they are now. The current prices have me looking at Aristides, Skervesen Guitars, or Mayones just to name a few for that kind of money.
- JustAnotherPerson OnYouTube -

He is the only good thing about limp bizkit
- writer writer -

1:10 I'm glad that it's just "other people" that are crazy... Right, Wes? /watch?v=amC6GkXXPlQ :D
- Alexandre Vilarinho -

Pawn shops cry if holes are filled
- David Lee -

Not a big fan of Limp Bizkit though have always been inspired by Wes his creativity is out there and this really explains why
- Sugamelt Pastries & Coffee -

It just all feels so unnecessarily complicated
- Jimmy Jamestown Massacre -

What kind of woodworking tools do you have?
- Ben Kertesz -

No guitarist, ever, has managed in inject "feel" to high gain/high compression tone like Wes.
- zepsett -

I dig it. I love guitars with obvious modifications that are clearly for playing.
One of my favorite personal guitars is a mutt Jackson Kelly I pieced together from eBay parts and stuff I had lying around. Ended up re-routing the Floyd Rose cavity with a hand chisel to fit an old 80’s Kahler trem system, recessed kinda like the one on Jerry Cantrell’s G&L. This reminds me of that one.
- Cornelius crewe -

Kerry King is literally the worst professional guitarist (no hate, jus a fact),..really like that design tho..
- Joyce Sanders -

If I pay the money Jackson charges to build a custom guitar. That ebony better be dark as fuck.
- Chris Ferguson -

I love when guitarist decide to create/mod their own guitar, there’s a reason why the guitars of Eddie Van Halen, Brian May and Tom Morello became so iconic.
- Leonardo Pedroza -

I find it hilarious that someone as high profile as Wes Borland has no problem acquiring factory defective products lol... you can be rich AND frugal.
- Cory Cantu -

I do like Limp Bizkit as a group and have listened to them for years however this dude could have been your neighborhood greeter at Walmart and I wouldn't have recognized him without his makeup.
- Cedric Raine -

Limp without go!!!
- Storm -