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Sorry, this is not the song to show how fast you are on guitar..........this song is a slow, soulful journey, not a race to guitar stardom! Just my opinion.
- Ray Humphrey -

Most of the song, I was, yeah, this is pretty good. Then came Bumblefoot's solo... Holy fuck. Blown away.
- Rick Reason -

- Jim Younger -

When the best vocalist from your former band is the drummer.
- MangoHombre -

Mike - You are the best 🇵🇱
- Dariusz Szyszka -

What a cover, wow! Great performance all around, and JSS has some pipes! Also, I didn't know just how well Portnoy can sing!
- Sean Metal -

Thats amazing
- Jose manuel Lopes salvador -

No matter if you like shredding or not, but bumblefoot absolutely nailed this solo
- Pablo Fernandez -

Hats off to The Sons of Apollo! This is a great version of this classic amazing song!
- Bill Cowan -

Mike portnoy should do Hotel California next... Just saying
- Alex Simon -

Que agrupación impresionante y la forma de hacer y tocar el arte de la música ojala y se acuerden de venir a tocar a México, los recibe con los brazos abiertos para difundir la cultura musical.
- Juan Jiemenez -

Glad to see that Mike Portnoy finally learned how to sing in tune... No hate, kudos to you Mike.
- A Fierro -

solo !!!!!!!!!!! magifique
- Patrice Palamin -

Sorry floyd, best version ever of this song right here
- Jon Boutilier -

038 SMPENG👀 - PINK FLOYD (Wish You Were Here)

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- Sérgio, o SMPENG -

Super Roni
- Adalbert Haraji -

Keren ...mantul
- Uje Samsu -

nice vide
- Frederic Torchet -

this is great, fuckin love it actually, this is absoulutely just great and portnoys singing mixed with Sotos is amazing just amazing
- Shred Sun Peaks -

Omg..bumblefoot, you're the man
- Astu Pradipta -