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too much smoke. rotary engines died a long time ago.
- Brett Brignac -

I want this The small 0.S. Engines 49-PI
- oll world -

That is awesome rotary does it go on n fd mazda rx7 lol
- nick -

man, those wankels sure do rev
- Grits -

Need to build a triple Rotor :)
- a king -

The music is just horrendous.
- a king -

Put a pull start on my girlfriends personal device... Now I don't have to...assist...
- Cris LeRose -

💪 Super!!!!
- Marek Wierciak -

No que pode usar esse motorzinho
- Edson Borba -


Thats the best sounding nitro engine you have
- Shaheer Suleman -

4,41..как балансировка?.....
- Альфред Нуриев -

Very Impressed...👍
- joe smoe -

this would really be neat configured as a 6 rotar engine.
- J K -

the bush in the muffler may interfere with normal operation(maybe)
- Kolya Melnychenko -

what a power of a wankel?
- Kolya Melnychenko -

Nice video 👍👍
- Dawda Bah -

Wife: Honey, can you clean the floor.
JonnyQ90: Time to machine lathe and 3d print new house.
- Hans Moleman -

Mr, you sir, are very good at what you do. a very good video. thank you much. Colin. UK.
- colin warner -

это не серьезно .
- Брюс ми -