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Thanks guys. You shred.
Video is a great help and much appreciated šŸ‘šŸ¼
- jeremy spencer -

wow its so weird, i just came from the new by BUSTING the bank and Rabea looks like he has some suit on that makes him look way bigger than he really is. congrats on losing some pounds though!!! Rock on!
- Rilorox -

There's nothing that grosses me out more than seeing TRIPLE HUMBUCKERS on a guitar... it's just the worse look out there and tonally it's nonsense.
- True Gooner -

you guys REALLY need to do the BUSTING the bank version of this!
- Sam Keenan -

Sounds freaking good to me! Good job
- Steve James -

It was actually the Saturday that they headlined Leeds in 2004, I was there :)
- andyjmwm -

Can you do a busting the bank for The Darkness??
- Waxman 95 -

Look at young Bea and Matt. It's like looking at pictures of kids from elementary school. Bea is a little fluffy and Matt just got the beard started. Awwwww...
- Jared Burdick -

Nice guitar, Matt!
- Lance K Shimabukuro -

"I'm very old ..." Lol! I've got underpants that are older than you, son!
- Old Man of the Woods -

Can anyone confirm if the custom pro has a nitrocellulose finish neck?
- Jack R -

Sounds like Bryan Adams????
- Go! Cat! Go! -

Just waiting for the Anderson courier to deliver my pro Co Ratt. Thought I would watch this again.
- matrixsenior -

Dan Hawkins is more like Les Paul Standard
- Pablo FerrƔndiz Dehesa -

Please do Darkness by busting
- Nathan Ponter -

I have this two guitar,S at home
- kenni grimmelmann -

The guitar intro and solo in "Love is Only a Feeling", in my humble opinion, are two of the best solos of all time. I dont care how many notes someone can stuff into a solo, it's all about the emotion the music generates.
- PlunderAndPillage -

Sound like Randy Rhoads.
- FamiThomm Productions -

The Boss DM-2w is just THE best analog delay for rock and metal soloing. I own 4 of them to suits with all my amps. The best is to plug it in a parallel FX loop. It works well in a serial FX loop too. You can get tone from The Cult to Steve Vai with this top pedal. It's really better than the MXR Carbon Copy. If you prefer the Dunlop family, to get more fat tone, darker,Ā on classic rock or stoner riffs, try the Way Huge Echo Puss. It works with every amps on this planet, incredible echo with a tone knobĀ !
With these 2 pedals, a tubeĀ ampĀ and a mahogany body / humbuckers guitarā€¦ you'll have everything you need to rock.
- Alex Marini -

Their first album is classic - it's a shame they strayed away from that.
- Peter Schmidt -