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The sound the voice reminder of Sade but her own. Cheers to good music good vibes originality
F who i think tihs sound sound like
This Track sound good (stand Alone)
- LSD ? -

The Asian chick is hot.mum mum
- Paul Brockman -


Butterfly s need fly
- Brian Earner -

💞🖤💞🖤💞🖤💞 nice
- ícҽís թհօҽղíx -

Everything that's real
And everything unrealized
All infinity
Starts falling from your eyes
We are fluid dreams
Vivid memories
All uncertainly
Leads to eternity
All that we perceive
In every mystery
Who are we
What we see
I can't comprehend
Who are we
What we see
I can't comprehend
Illuminating love falls from the skies
To water the illusions in our eyes
All that we desire and all we fear
All our aspirations grow unclear
We feel endlessly
Beyond all gravity
Who are we
What we see
I can't comprehend
Who are we
What we see
I can't comprehend
- Li BiE -

Esta cancion es sin lugar a dudas una obra maestra .... sonidos y cadencia perfectas es hecha por un ser que no es de este mundo ¡¡¡¡¡ mi banda favorita los amooooooo
- Ricardo Garcia -

- DriveOnParkway ParkOnDriveway -

their music gets even better as it ages imo
- monogramadikt -

...All uncertainly
Leads to eternity...
- Abigail Gonzalez BIGUI -

Cada que escucho esta música, me dan es ganar de tener sexo; sexo suavecito.

Smoothly seduction .......
- Sergio Buassali -

We are fluid dreams.. Vivid memories..
 (Pam Bricker .. the best!)
- nicostruppich -

- Eyup Isık -

Musical perfection. Never gets old.
- Paul DeVeaux -

I would love some better visualizations for this music, personally.
- Ashhab Ahmad -

- Ярослав Наконечний -

who else is comparable to this??? Serious question.
- Kellye Berry -

We are fluid dreams
- Jose Alberto Leal -

yeah grilled mushrooms!miam miam!
- nikossar -