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I could listen to JP even if he was talking about lettuce and broccoli...
- irmasil3 -

@8:40 in which war the Italians hid for the Germans ? They were allies in the last...
- Andyw1228 -

Born on 12 July
- James Weidner -

Is Petrucci...better than slash?......david gilmour?.....bucket head....john 5........?.....anyone.
- rcarlisi63 -

can we please get james hatfield on here
- Kelley Sorensen -

He could easily play Gimli in LOTR but he would wield a guitar instead of an axe!
- Mr M -

Why are the amp's logos all taped out?
- William Gilstrap -

2:47 oh that American pie
- Nícolas Calegario -

Graham “T H E Y D O G E T T H A T W R O N G S O M E T I M E S” Hartmann
- ecLipse -

Interviewer : so, you start playing guitar at age 7
- Syahid Jaafar -

The reverse thing makes sense if he wanted it to be played in a certain order, and wanted it to sound backwards- you record it, reverse it- learn the reverse order, play it that way and reverse that. It's the only way to get it to be reverse sounding, but have it be played the way you wrote it. I know this because I have actually done that technique myself lol
- TheEnderBand -

Why is john the chillest dude on the planet
- VS0097 -

ok but peep the "Monster at the end of this book" book in the bottom right.

One of my favorite books as a kid!
- lenewtype -

John Petruci is like an hybrid of Jesus and the Dalai Lama
- J Avila -

Name a more iconic duo:

the question about the name
Gruhammed saying "they do get that wrong sometimes"
- m4ssee -

Yo John is from Long Island, what part
- lori f -

do John Myung please
- Eric Jin -

I started playing guitar in Jr high and I got blisters and discovered weed the same day and quit
- Robbie's Incoherent thoughts -

Like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, John seems like a super nice guy with these wizard like guitar skills.
- TheMeJustMe75 -

This is such a great interview
- Rupert Conradie -