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A woman can lift a man up or destroy him. She was not designed for him. He needed someone steady, responsible and not into drugs. Too crazies is a set up for desastre
- Maronfire -

The two guys with the best selling records were Kurt Cobain and Axl Rose...I mean noses...ya...
- Duzz14 -

She smoked him im 89% sure

And then he finally found a cure for his stomach problems, people were saying he was postitiver than ever, totally happy and short after killed himself. To me all these things just doesn't add up.
- alexandra störbrauck -

Why would she put pins in Kurts balls? I've never heard anything like that before.
- alexandra störbrauck -

- Jerra Maurice -

Poor Kurt! Never trust those women.
- Jeremy Stillwell -

So, so sad. As a teen I found their relationship bit irritating; distraction from the music I loved! [tho' I was disturbed by the unprofessional vitriol in an NME? article at Courtney, simply for being Kurt's partner/female, on way from Reading '92; read like a medieval witch-hunt]- But now, as a grown-up, I see it more from their view, & it's genuinely heartbreaking .. Won't go into 'conspiracies' [& yes; I've seen/read it all ]- NONE of us know, we wern't there; easy to sling spite from a safe distance & too much is fueled by misogynist hatred, inc. from women - so I don't go there, can't. I trust 'God', not people who get their supposed facts 3rd hand.
- The Mercury 13 -

00:26 Does anyone know the title of the song playing?
- ShyLesbian -

Yea she wanted out poor baby probably sick of a diet of heroine,cigarettes and c&m!!! Yea I’d want out too!
- Angela Netherton -

Your a nasty skank..Axel wouldn’t touch your gross azz!!!Your stupid a junkie need a shower and a attitude adjustment...
- Angela Netherton -

I'm so sorry
- Bridget Fitzgerald -

The band member seems so much more emotional then Courtney, I don’t think she actually loved him!
- Charlotte's World -

WATCH SOAKED IN BLEACH! She is such a LIAR. I only dabbled a few times, she was s full-blown JUNKIE. She never had a relationship with Billy Corgan, virtually everything she says in this interview is a bald-faced lie. Bottom line: She had Kurt Cobain Murdered! 1) Kurt was divorcing her 2) She knew this and was looking for quote "the meanest divorce attorney out there" Her own lawyer thinks she had Kurt Killed as she left a handwriting practice sheet at her house where she was practicing Kurt's handwriting. 3) to give herself an alibi, she faked a drug overdose that got her arrested, only it wasn't an OD and there weren't even drugs there, just faked to look like drugs. 4) Kurt in several interviews in the months before his death talked about how he was finally happy, he'd gotten help for his stomach, he was enjoying success and was finally going to divorce Courtney. 5) NO FINGERPRINTS on the gun, shells, drugs, syringe, 'suicide note' basically the room he died in had been wiped clean. 6) The shell from the shotgun was on the opposite side of the ejection port on the shotgun 7) Kurt had 10 TIMES the lethal dose of heroin in his system for a full-blown junkie 8) yet despite this he managed to write a suicide note, stick a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger with his toe 9) she hired a private investigator to 'find' Kurt when he left rehab, and he is 100% convinced she had him killed, watch SOAKED IN BLEACH to see his full report and all the damning details he lays out that is very convincing this evil black soul had Kurt killed. 10) Kurt's 'suicide' note isn't a suicide note, except for the last part, it was well known he was tired of Nirvana and seriously considering leaving the band and going in a different direction, that note is his note to his fans that he couldn't continue faking it in Nirvana, only the last part, which handwriting experts have said WASN"T in his handwriting that said anything about suicide. Remember point 2 where she had the handwriting practice sheets.

- William Lawrence -

Of course she loved him. People have called her 'Star-fucker' and all that. A guy would never have received the same level of animosity.
- Alien Robot -

Watch: Soaked in Bleach!
- Nock -

What if kurt didn’t meet courtney love ?
- Bonbon Valmoria -

Billy Corgan is also in love with the singer of the Smashing Pumpkins.
- Craig Usselman -

I think she killed him
- Liz Sark -

With in 3 years of meeting him he was dead and she had everything.
- Dorsey Ann -