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I loved the physical pictures you have on the wall, I thought it was really cool
- gui -

best freaking db video tutorials on youtube, I really love these, thank you very much!!!
- melmel mel -

Do you think iron cobra is good?
- Larry Tate -

Thank you so much for this video. I realized I've been doing more of an endurance exercise to gain speed. Just frustrating and seeing no improvement. I've been stuck in 140-150bpm range for years. I've already learned guitar from scratch and nailed down songs in 160-175bpm range while still stuck on drums. I'm very optimistic this exercise will get me over the hump!
- Ian Murphy -

It looks like you balance isn't on point an you are leaning forward when playing double base.
- Mortis Kke -


- Amarus -

Very good video man, thanks a lot, this is the kind of exercices that i need.
- Adonai Hernández -

Your lessons are up to another level, if only i had drums, i can imagine how much more extraordinary your lessons are
- lina michells -

Thank You Sir! Great Help!
- Samuel Dain Thomas -

Great lesson! Thank you!
- Daniel Zhelev -

Hello dear friend. Can you give me an effective exercise to increase speed and control? Only one.
I am desperate.
- Luke Drum -

Erce, i have an issue and i would like if you can tell me how to fix it. A few days ago, i sat on my throne to play, and i felt awesome, i was able to play really fast without problems, i was actually surprised of how well i was playing. The problem is that just one day after, i started to play, and i played very bad, i couldnt play what i played before. Does this relate to ergonomics ? By the way, your lessons are very helpful, keep it up. Greetings from Chile !
- Vini123 muller -

What about seat height and posture? Also, do certain stools or “chairs” work better than others? Ty!!!
- Shamdy Crook -

how long per day you recommend? when will it start to click ?
- Sub To Gyhlo -

Thx for the lesson.. Great lesson with a lot of details that i need.. Keep going with your contents sir.. Sincerely from indonesia
- Farrel Yanaga -

California girl here. Thanks for the videos. I just want to say your videos (I've seen lesson 1 & 2 so far) are spot on and really addressing some of the problems I'm having with 2 bass drum pedals. To this point, I've only been using the double kick for embellishments. Now I am inspired to do more and I loved the way you created a very logical progression to build the skill. Aside from the lesson, dude, you are HOT in those shirts...just sayin'. But back to drums, keep rockin' and thanks! -LP
- hitlikeagirl09 -

I keep having a problem. I get up to 6 beats in a row at about 175 or 180 bpm but it's not maintaining it thats the problem. It's starting the beat. When I try and start it I often fail to get enough momentum the bring the beater back fully
- Joshua Morris -

6:38 eyebrows dance
- X D -

Hey buddy great lesson. I'm from Colombia, a native spanish speaker, I can help you to improve your spanish translations. There are a lot of mistakes. Anyway I enjoy all your lessons and your teaching way. :)
- ChristianCerón -

reaaaaally good videos thanks a lot man ! very motivating and simple to understand
- pipicacaization -