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Boy, what a time to be alive.
Daryl what are you doing away from TWD
Do you have strategic games in 2019-2020?
- michel constantin -

Отлично. Ещё больше кровавых убийств в играх. А потом, почему вдруг у вас придурков какой нибудь психованный школьник половину класса перестрелял?!
- - Soulfly - -

noooooooooooooooooooooo arthas!!
- herzeleid neumond -

Wow you couldn't have picket shitter games apart from 2077
- DeathWozza -

15:50 which song
- Sumit Dutta -

and god of war 5
- cartoons tv -

That was exilherating! Or however you spell it. Honestly 40 mins of this was better than the entire year of movies I've watched, including Star Wars.
- Like Kane -

39:20 Half Life 2 Episode 3 .... sooooo hyped!!!!!
- cylmareall -

music name pls 15:28
- TR TR -

Boy, what a time to be alive.
- Tom Nguyen -

the first one is so goddamn freaky
- TearDaTaco -

this is like the bible ... apocalypse and apocalypse and another apocalypse
- John Wick -

Should've done mk11 launch trailer
- Oh hi how are ya -

Can’t wait for death stranding
- Demonetization Demonetization -

All these games gabbage and the same smh, and r.i.p. far cry I been a long time fan but I ain't like the way the franchise has turned lately and new dawn look trash. Im liking Cyberpunk and GoTsushima tho
- Cody Bragg -

all games have demoniac temes

cant wait but have to!!!!!

Where is halo infinyte? >:v
- Javier T111 -_- -

Caralho curti demais esse Far Cry, podiam trazer como um novo game.. Mas tem q meter o título pra vender, odeio isso u_u
- Will Oliveira -

Why does nearly EVERYTHING have to have grotesque horror in it? Notice I amplified the word horror... Gears 5 has been a blockbuster franchise for a long time, yet even it is evolved in its morbidity... This is wretched... Do yourself a favor and find a more edifying game - better yet, find something physical to do...
- Zach -