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25:13-25:28 song ?
- Winter Frost -

- Eric Story -

I'll🔥🔥🔥 doom
- Pablo Crvzz -

que liiiixo essa musica do MK11!! vsf
- Hulk Malaria -

hmm bunch of PS4 exclusives, guess i wont play those lol
- James Velasquez -

Hey you left out the outer worlds by Obaidian entertainment coming Oct 25
- MyNameIsSuper Elaborate -

whats the sound track at the end of the video please ?
- Adham Ahmad -

Death, cyberpunk, and ghost of tsushima. The ghost recom break point oh hell.
- the undead1 -

No offense, but why is there a female GEAR? I was under the impression that humanity was pushed so close to extinction that all women had to devote themselves to bearing children simply to keep humanity from dying out and produce more soldiers.
- midgetydeath -

Rehash games yuck... only thing looks good is cyberpunk. And ghost of tsushima is not coming they bankrupt and were using illegal engine. Plus u forgot the most amazing game dude... borderlands 3...
- Emil Aliev -

ЕБАТНЯ 21-го века!!! 👎
- Владимир Николаевич -

- da don -

Cannot wait to see Lawrence Sonntag streaming some Doom. That addiction is real man xxx
- sarahwithstars -
- qoo naax -

I tried searching: best game out, best game already out, best games of 2019 all i frakin got is trailers of games that will be out in 2099 and broke my heart. Demn i will just stop playing games and ride on a hype wave all my life.
- Mazdy Soraya -

only Doom Eternal <3
- Leszek Woźniak -

Dying light 2 will be the best
- Andrej Vuksanović -

20:43 AXE vs OMNIKNIGHT !!
- Putu Widiarsa -

Love how they cut out the gay part of TLOU2, which actually was the cinematic part of the trailer lol The rest that was shown in here was gameplay....
- dmoneky -

Damn, Cyberpunk can only be purchase 2077
Will I stay alive??
- Yose Siagian -