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00:01 Death Stranding
06:03 Doom Eternal
15:09 Mortal Kombat 11
17:12 The Last of Us 2
20:23 Warcraft 3: Reforged
23:52 Cyberpunk 2077
25:31 Far Cry New Dawn
28:39 Gears of War 5
30:09 Ghost of Tsushima
34:53 Dying Light 2

Damn those fargin bastages for not making LAST OF US for pc.... fine then DON'T, it's Y'all who are missing out on fat stacks. No skin off my arse. So there.
- Beinrich Bimmler -

Doom Eternal looks pretty sick... But i have a feeling your GPU better be $300
- Wallace -

Death stranding will be insanely scary and uncomfortable to play. Imagine the feeling of carrying a corpse alone, in solitude, in a vast empty, realistic landscape. Imagine the feeling of dread and uneasiness.
If you thought metal gear had horror elements, this will be 10 times more disturbing..
- Kunal Bhagawati -

Nice Cinematic trailers for Doom and Last of us 2...
- Kıvanç İnce -

Christ. The mortal kombat song was so fucking trash it honestly sounded like those
"Im a 15 year old Atlanta rapper who's tryna make it big, pls check out my music" memes
- Evo Izuku -

Do you remember this😍
- Prabhath Chathuranga -

Mk is just stupid asf not even interesting no more
- Rias Gremory -

Tbh I’m only interested in death stranding and cyberpunk 2077 the rest is just boring to me
- zooz ie -

Oh Warcraft 3 is being released again. Do we get a Dota 2 then? . Wait

that shoulder thing is so crap !
- andrew shilton -

it is a nice video but try to watch trailer ANGEL HAS FALLEN (2019 Movie) Official Trailer action movie/
- Gemini Mei -


Right on now that is kicking some butt. When you pulled that dudes heart out and feed it back to him was awesome SsssUuuCCCKKK .
- Charles Guinn -

Atomic Heart will be too awesome game!
- JuraMalopolska -

Violence violence violence. how about delievery some crates in star citizen?
- 彭诚 -

bs only 2077 is worth it.
- DeathWozza -

Boring af
- The Yupp -

only cyberpunk.Others shit...
- irfanimp -

New Games >
- Berkan ANIL -