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I think this game would go perfect for that one anime, don’t attack me for forgetting the anime’s name, but’s it’s that one game where it’s in a school, and the bear runs the game, you get your own room, and you have to kill each other off, if you’re guilty of murder and they catch you in court, you’re punished, but if they cause you wrong you survive, if you get away with the killing, you survive
- Izabella Ward -

baby its easy to fake a smile me:how are u suposed 2 smile when u have no soul
- Donnie Brown -

Gender roles aren't too big of an issue on my planet.
- killmeister2271 -

ok i feel like this is a good place to say this.


i feel like gender roles have reversed. now it’s cool for girls to like blue and boys to like pink. girls shouldn’t wear skirts and dresses but hoodies and sweatpants. don’t get me wrong, i like blue and i like hoodies and i like sweatpants, but i also like pink and skirts and dresses and makeup. i feel like if i say this people will get mad at me because everyone’s like “oh dresses suck skirts suck pink is an ugly color” and everything like that. also, in my school, it’s trending to be bisexual. these girls who are clearly straight, never talk about girls, guys are a constant topic, go through 5 bfs a month, day “i’m bisexual” like i can’t really speak for them but they seem straight as hell. also, why is mental illness a trend now? anxiety is very common and these kids who say it are very likely anxious. i get it. but don’t glorify it. also, just because you’re sad one time doesn’t mean you’re depressed. i have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression so it gets me upset when people glorify it. like, stop. it’s not gonna be glorified when a child cuts themselves and kills themselves, right? so skip the middle man and stop. so yea, gender roles have been reversed and i feel the need to hide my interest in girly things.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
- ii Ax ii -

My mom also told me that I like RPG games when I LOVE the games my brother plays. Like Call of duty, Apex , Fortnite, and GTA 5. LET. ME. PLAY. NON. ANIME. GAMES. OR. IMMA. SCREAM. :3
- Sky reacts to anime! -

Girl 1 : Why don't you where skirts?
Me : Because there short and quite girly. I HATE girly things :3
Girl 2 : So are you transgender or something?
Me : WHAT? NO. Just because I like wearing pants doesn't mean I have to be girly. Tags why I hang out with boys more than girls.
Bff (who is a girl ) : YEAH THAT RIGHT!

I HATE when people say tomboys are gay. NOT ALL OF US ARE LESBAIN. I used to be so girly. But now I hate pink and I won't wear anything with pink in it. I wear pants and a t-shirt that's it. I open the door for myself and my mom says " Thats your brothers job " Well what if I want to hold the door? I cAn dO iT mYsElf tHaNk yOu MY mom asked me " Would you wear a sun dress or a skirt? " I said " Hell no. Absolutely not. Never. NEVER. "
Some people say girls should be " Proper and be sweet little girls who play dress up and should wear dresses and skirts that are kinda revealing " And to that. I say " You won't catch me dead wearing a dress. " My mom told me that she is gonna send me to charm school and I said " If you send me I'm not gonna do anything they ask me. Setting a table properly IT'S JUST FORKS MAYBE SPOONS AND DRINKS. It doesn't need to be complicated!! I'm gonna fail charm school so badly they will have to kick me out ;) " And don't get me STARTED on Jojo siwa... SHE IS SO PINK AND ITS DISGUSTING!! I never really liked her anyway. My mom said if I keep acting up she is gonna make me wear a JoJo bow and that is what nightmares are made of.....
- Sky reacts to anime! -

The older generation: Listen to us, we're wise, and this is how it's supposed to be.
Me: The twentieth century would disagree.
Them: ...
- Dìonadair Productions -

I hate it when this part says" Hush oh hush girl just bat you're eye's*"I'm a girl and just no
- Lora Pierce -

Heya! Happy pride month everybody! I would just like to say that i love this song. It reminds me of how lots of people are treated when they are trans. I have a feeling that alot of trans people are scared to come out and i can understand. But you are loved no matter what gender you are or who you choose to be with. I hope all those trans people out there can have happy lives and a good pride month! Remember, you are loved, you are accepted, and you are amazing no matter what! Slay that demon that tells you that you are trash. YOU are loved! have a good pride month everybody! Lgbt+ is love!
- FoxTrot studios -

Society rules at its finest.
- Debbie Buttry -

We blame society, but we are society :p
- Insanity Switch -

I relate to every. Single. Sentence.
- Nama Fisher -

I'm watching in June so Happy Pride Month 🎉❤️🌈🏳️?🌈
- Shealove T -

Humanity is a horror.
- Poby The Stranger -

... Settings - Playback Speed - Custom - 0.95......

I'll go now....
- fearss_ AJ -

This song has cast a spell on me...... What?!?!.. It's catchy and so me
- rosalina kid2222 -

This song is my actual situation like ;
Put on false confidence, just to feel alive is one of them I can relate (I can relate other things in this song(sorry for my bad English)
- Je sais pas quoi mettre -

"Hush boy hush boy dont say a word throw on a Jersey and no one gets hurt Hush girl hush girl just bat your eyes"i can relate I feel like people force us to look "pretty" and I hate dresses and makeup and pink but u love books baggy clothes and the color blue and I love art like world stop forcing me to be different when everyone is hiding something about themselves
- Crazy Queens -

this song represents todays society
- Shiloh Folsom -

When u have to fit into the world but people say your plain out weird.......

Just play this
- rosalina kid2222 -