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Will Smith 😂
- cgpal78 -

Whos who? Hahaha lol.
- misfit danzig -

fallon not funny not entertaining
- adamyolo10 -

Are they related???????
- Omar Idarraga -

The longer you watch this the less they look alike...
- becca wilkes -

The next time will smith hosts SNL, chad smith should secretly replace him and see how long it takes for ppl to realize.
- Evan Wilkinson -

Chad is more like Will Ferrell than Ferrell himself
- Jay Villanueva -

Anybody else think that Will ferrell’s character on Step Brothers movie playing drums is a reference to Chad Smith?
- Clashing With Charles - Clash of Clans -

For a talk show host Jimmy Fallon sure has a lot of trouble talking.
- The1Floyd -

I'm still waiting for the rock and Dwayne Johnson
- Mid cross -

Wow, they are twins!
- Gonzales -

They are iluminati clones. They are brothers what we don 't know is who are their parents....
- lolo terraplanista -

Jimmy Kimmel is so awful.
- Sam S. -

WTF wow lol
- Britnee De LA Vega -

why did you guys take down the drum-off?! that was the best part!!
- Andrey Kusanagi -

Me as a rhcp fan

I didnt even realized they looked identical
- wiki ziki -

Hollywood occultist demons. "Chemical compound" being adrenochrome. Mocking in plain sight.
- Les Claypool -

I hope Pewdiepie and Felix Kjellberg can also do something like this one day
- AC Broski -

Looks like Miller from The Expanse
- _scions -

I swear they're twins
- Michael Ells -