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Twisted Metal 4 first mission soundtrack
- Khalifa Al Khoori -

Gran turismo 2. 👌

coolest fiff eva do it baby
- Windy van kapps -

I first heard this song on Twisted Metal
- Ronnie Denmon -

HOG Worts. 535 Acres of Whitetail Drive Bruceton Mills West Virginia.💋🦴💀🤑
- Lacy Gorman -

This is HELL🔥
- An apology fro Snowbell for eating your fryed mice -

Twisted metal 3 ? Anyone

In my country, this video is almost always preceded by an ad for indigestion medicine
- Matron Thorn -

это вы делли похроны бабушки оли?
- Low internet. -

And no one watching this thinks this is satanic?
- Jon Miranda -

Damn, this brunette dancer have some very cool moves
- Tsvetelin Tsakov -

HAHAHA! I fucking love this! I will never forget this video! I was 12 years old kid in Brazil watching MTV when this music video came on & I was delighted, terrified and hypnotized all at once.
- Bunny Pavlova -

Sled storm ps1 loved the game and was the first time I ever heard rob zombie
- Burskiibelxinn -

I just want to drive faster when I hear this beat.
- joaqo fort -

Tony Hawk pro skater 2 soundtrack? :D
- Stan Strong -

Serious question on who’s better. Manson or Zombie??
- Mike Moretz -

- Marco Simula -

Ооооо... Музон 🔥
- Лесной Лапоть -

To me this is the perfect music video. It perfectly translates what Rob Zombie is while maintaining a plethora of original and memorable imagery. The old footage is spliced surprisingly well, the trippy visuals and odd effects give the whole thing a very surreal yet energetic vibe that I think has become synonymous with Zombie, and it's just the right amount of sexiness and eeriness to really keep you on edge despite the whole thing having the budget of a green screen and a ham sandwich.
- Peter Mamaev -

When Scratch needs help against the Bourbon kid
- Purple Highway -