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This song should of been in halloween
- GGR- George’s Gun Reviews -

This song makes 80s aerobic dancing way better to watch
- randall holt -

Напишу на русском: это шедевр 😻😻😻
- ПроРеабилитация и Фитнес -

I'll never get over how happy Rob looks at 2:20

Man just looks absolutely enthused to be there and it warms my heart
- MooseMama -

The first time I heard of Rob Zombie was on one of the old Ps1 Twisted Metal games. I think this it the first song I heard when I was 6 or 7 and I still love it.
- Swaggy DopeMan -

When I first searched up for Dragula (that amazing drag show) 3 years ago, I ended up here. Not disapointed. Loved it :D
And since then I come back here from time to time to enjoy it, hehe
- Lucas Guesser -

Brilliant. 🤘🤘🤘
- Lesley Wynter -

- Michal Bogdan -

This song makes me return to construction yard and kill the boss on there
- Rice Bear -

Girls when they get their hands on a green screen: I can't wait to make it look like that i was in Tokyo and Paris the same day.
Boys when they get their hands on a green screen:
- Mate Product -

demon 1: who is chasing us?
demon 2: I don't know but run !!!
- Hansel Dronjak -

Sled storm ya’ll !
- Alix Ramos -

Pantera live
- Richar y Ronald Escocia -

00:54 Mr zombie. Twisted metal 4 🔥
- carlos campos -

This song makes me want to go through a dark forest in search of the witch who can help me curse my cheating husband
- Sexual Taco -

Late 90's video games: It's free real estate
- Jack _ -

Guy just reminds me of Lobo
- Anakin Skywalker -

The remix from Twisted Metal 4 game is better
- Khalifa Al Khoori -

Twisted Metal 4 first mission soundtrack
- Khalifa Al Khoori -

Gran turismo 2. 👌