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What’s 3:25 from?
- Jared Jams -

I don’t understand all the Russian comments
- Jared Jams -

Khal Drogo be rollin' those wheels
- Git Gud -

0:55 Me after getting my driver's license
- edl411 -

My brain high on mushrooms: 1:56
- Kayla Desroches -

1997 - 2019- ~~
- Алексей Лысенко -

little cuts i'm pissed big ones on my wrist cry no one cares bleach my eyes and everyone stares i don't sleep tight i start the fight no demons under my bed they all live in my head and they want you all dead did you hear what i said I've cut I've bled stay out i cry now i don't try to let them out i have no control over it now i don't know how stay insane chemicals that are in my brain just try and maintain torture me my life is pain i don't shed a tear as i cry and scream inside i die trying to hide just slip away to make it through another day toss and turn the devils will never learn you have taught them well i live in my own personal cell in a little hell keep the noise down they are attracted to sound don't wake the dragon i don't want you to get burned i'm lying and hes bragging let loose of the chain we take more pills to be less insane the doctor hates my outcome because they know i would be better off without them :)
- 5unglassZFG Gaming -

Waiting for HD remaster of this song
- Malekith -

“Introducing heavy metal”-Peter Griffin to the Amish
- Spyro The Bandicoot -

This song is the equivelent of when you give a 13 year old person a rock guitar with the EQ base all the way up past 230W
- J R -

Ok song. Horrible live cool movies edit: my horrible spelling mistakes stays, no discussion
- Tanja Marie -

Bravo très bonne musique 🎵
- Eva- Rose -

Тапок вообще не вытянул, конечно, всю мощь Роба, но вышло все равно хорошо. Оригинал просто вышка, 12/10 по митольной шкале
- anon anon -

Everyone jokes about russia thinks rob zombie is an uber driver. This was filmed on a random street in russia. The only people there was the band everyone else just showed up.
- colton carreras -

Anyone here after The Flash
- Red Fury -

2019??? French is her for this song
Les francais toujour la 😎
- Caron Brendon -

I need more of this shit 🤩
- Laurent Hendrickx -

Я помню его даже не с "Матрицы", а с игры "След Шторм" ;)
- Sam Slim -

This is my FAVORITE zombie song BTW
- Shang Tsung -

Spongerob Zombiepants
Dig through the dishes
Burn through the kitchen
There's ham in the back of my
- Shang Tsung -