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they are all nice guys
- as123 Ferrdi -

Those people who say it would be Great to have him as a grand pa ,the mans only like 50 what are they like 7/8 years old I imagine, HELL my grandparents would be like 90/95 years old since I'm 32 years old (god bless their souls) πŸ˜₯ those poor kids the said 7/8 year olds although that would be EXCELENT to have Rob as a Grand parent πŸ˜‚..!! (NEED MORE EXCLEMATION POINTS..!!)
- Ryan Beers -

Rob Zombie mano

- Jacqulyn Aragon -

Ive been trying to find this forever since I heard it on sledstorm for ps1

- THAT Guy -

I legit use Rob Zombies songs to fall asleep. πŸ•·
- α†αŽ· ᏩᎻᎾᏚ᎒ -

Mom in law love this song
Rob zombie 🧟?β™‚οΈπŸ§Ÿ?β™€οΈπŸŽƒβ€οΈπŸ’‹
- Candace Harley kamin Quinn -

Fantastic video! Zombie rules!
- Chris Gardner -

Hail RobZombie!
- Fredrik Berg -

Have not heard this in years! Amazing music score. Who wants a new type of road rage?%. New invention? Start with a Tesla car.
- Jason B -

Neo ? trinity ? are u guys here.... plese answer....
- dccpmh -

His wife is smoking HOT !!!!
- Carrie Boyer -

How does one simply dig through the ditches?
- M D -

Am I high
- Mr.FunMan Man -

I can’t wait to see your scare zone in Halloween Horror Nights rob. I just imagine it being the best 😍😍
- Queen Kelsey -

Ghost Adventures and Rob Zombie love doing that cross pose with their hands
- Chaos Bearded Gaming and more -

A psychedelic trip to Monster world alongside rob zombie
- 69SenPai SHINOBI69 -

- Edilaine Pestana -

I think i broke the replay button ...
- quakingay -

How the world looks when you're high as f***.
- Pieter Sillis -