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I this song and video
- Jack Luttrell -

...hey remember when The Flash played this over what may as well have been an intense laser tag scene? That was weird.
- RandomShinigami7 -

Is this Sherri Moon's first role?
- William Matthews -

Fun fact: The "Superstition, fear and jealousy." opening line is take from the 1960 Christoper Lee horror film "City of the Dead". Lee lists these reasons in the film as the reasons for the Salem Witch Trials.
- William Matthews -

Почему я вижу Торина Дубощита...?
- Герман Рихтер -

Sherri moon zombie Rob is the luckiest man on the world haha
- Russell Reddy -

Gran turismo 2 play sttation 1 great moments!! epic
- Brigada s.o.s Medellin -

После стольких лет... Всегда! ( я русский , мне плевать когда вышла эта песня , отстаньте)))
- Алекс Шепард -

every fat persons theme song on there way to fast food
- Hunter Smith -

Sled storm baby
- Derek Henry -

Столько даунов набежало после этого тапка
- Товарищ Коммунист -

Mark of the what!!!!???
- Robert Ron -

Oh, they've been dealt with.
- Ilán Laham -

S.p does life nothing
Stephen is god of nil
- stephen pearce -

Stephen got dead
Thee at end s.p god
- stephen pearce -

Thx for making the game horse riding tails
- lps kittycat -

I love horse riding tails
- lps kittycat -

Pissed me off about the witches part LMFAO
- Jen Kovacs -

In stephen turned god
End s.p turn the one dig
- stephen pearce -

He inspires me to be plant based.
- Elizabeth Hillman -