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Would rather listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. I like Max Richter's work. Not sure why he felt compelled to do this because this is flat and disappointing.
- Kelly Jeppesen -

Excelente repertorio musical, no dejo de escucharla
- Henry ZL -

- Micah -

Thanks to everyone who took part in creating these wonderful pieces of art. :)
- Mighty Mo -

Still kind of boring. Just saying.
- Matthew Haigh -

Referring to anything by Vivaldi as a "warhorse" shows very little appreciation or respect for one of the truly great baroque composers. Spring might be overplayed, but that will never change it's brilliance.
- Graham Butler -

- Marius xoxo -

Ohhh my god..Jesús cristo¡!¡!¡ i love this Men...this mú heaven
- arcturus vitae m83 -

vive aldi !!
- KER JI -

je surkiffe !!
- KER JI -

Unfortunately, this is very bad filmed. When He starts his solo, cameras are filming the viola ...
- Titouan Blanquet -

Reimagining: You know? Kinda like when they reimagined Jingle Bells with dog barks. Or reimagined Europe as Busch Gardens. Lovely.
- chuck1prillaman -

I really need to go to bed, but this is so beautiful.
- Jordan Sullivan -

It's impossible to be cynical about humanity when you see things like this.
- Jordan Sullivan -

I love what a great time the lead violinist is having.
- Jordan Sullivan -

Oh man. The finale of the encore evokes all the images of the final montage in Arrival. It's beautiful.
- hotchkim -

- tak_roma -

I cried so many heavy yet beautiful tears to that piece. Just WOW!
Spring 1 and Summer 3 are completely mind-blowing.
- Rose Noire -

Five Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I never get tired of the music of Vivaldi. Vivaldi is much more than The Four Seasons. This version is fantastic!
- Fuad Jada -

- laurencenewell -