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33030031 views... wow. Cancer dancer!
- Shepherds Outcry -

Amazing! Like!
- Maicky -

A perfect masterpiece. It feel so relaxing listening to this track always.
- Mohit Chawla -

I'm 44 years old, this piece reminds me of my youth. Regards.
- łubu dubu -

Dawno temu w pewmym miescie w pewnym klubie za konslolety w takim klimacie a parkiet pelny czasami nawet 2 do 3 razy po koleji ten sam numer ponad czasowy dj s
- Martin Van Knuren -

Man, I'm only 24 and can't get enough of chicane, my dad introduced me to this when I was like 10, we haven't spoken in 8 years, but shit, Cheers old man, at least one positive outcome
- Lewis Brown -

Old school trance anthems, still rocking 2020!! 🔥
- kyleg -

Will never fall out of Love with this tune ❤️ people may come & go out of your lives through the years but music, lyrics & memories of where you was listening to it, dancing never die ♥️
- Natieee D -

Reminds me of my girlie holidays take me back... 😍💃🏽🌞🏝
- Re Re 1111 -

I’m an old sack 72 and still love this music has no age limits.
- Shepherds Outcry -

- Seanaid Hannaway -

Songs called saltwater because that's what comes out of your eyes when you listen to it
- C -

For Excellency in Ancestral Nostalgia upon your chords, I address this collect strings with a valid and most esteemed reference.
- Palm Tree Spot -

Timeless iridescent joy :-D
- Web Gnome -

2020. Still awesome! 🎶
- Davor Posavec -

Next... Royksopp.. "Here she comes."
- Steeve Daw -

Hands in the air..It's still banging in 2020.. ARE YOU.!?😁😁😁😀😬
- Steeve Daw -

Beautiful... BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL.
- Steeve Daw -

Good memories from the 90s reminds me of my sister 🥰 36 and still love this! 2020 and still loving it ☺️
- danielle Antony -

с такой музыкой время и километры трассы летят незаметно. даже остонавливаться не хочется
- Геннадий Эсаулов -