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- Amy will isms -


Highkey my top favourite❤ better than #sucker and #cool
- Precious Tobedza -

to se ti povedlo ta písnička je bombová.
- Hana Havlikova -

Seems like a song for a tropical vacation in 2009, or a Dude Perfect video.
- Josh Wah? -

wow bagus
- geaa indy -

Esta canción me pone demasiado happy🤗
- Julio Cesar -

Jonas brothers are the best and the man who has made the best song ever in history
- Turbo Boy314 -

- Viviane Ramalho -

I like the 80’s vibes, I feel like this is a song that should have been made in the 80’s, not in the 2010’s ngl
- Clouxy_Dxyz -

sounds like Chris Cab
- Mily Mind -

je kiffe i love this musique dsl si ça s'écris pas commace
- melissa morice -

i was looking for this song. I searched under reggae 2019 and did not get much success. Did not know the Jonas Brothers sang it. They come back good with this song. Thanks for uploading. Now I have finally found the song I was looking for.
- Romario Siergio Castillo-Hernandez -

Make every other singer or band jealus, show this song to them (I wrote a word wrong) Thx for the likes!
- Daniel Touriz -

- quiana mumphrey -

Who came here because of the asses on the thumbnail?
- Adrien Michel -

I was the 21st million viewer
I’m addicted to this song

Congratulations jhonas brothers i love this single but this is not Good write it IS because i am french
- Kaïso670 -

- Cody Al Hoiles -

This song takes me back to the good times 😌❤ Thumbs up if you feel the same
- princess Soma -