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- David Van aalderen -

They are a fucking shitty band and their members are just a couple of fucking assholes. I prefer Guns and Roses to suck the Jhonas idiots.
- Nancy Martinez Delgadillo -

100% like
- Carlos Vazquez -

I love you joe
- malisa masatho -

This is david fuhr how are you Kevin Joe and nick joans doing health wise istillllike you guys indeed tomeatt you in person
- A B -

Anyone else hear “Joe” right before the first prechorus? Or whatever it’s called the dance in my living room part I do music but I’m like not quite 100% sure that’s accurate 😂
- Isabella Johnson -

ill play this in a summer road trip
- desiree -

This reminds me of Florida and Arizona I so mist those place 😩
- Elaine & Jimin! -

All of the songs in the album have happiness begins in the chorus like roller coaster and this song
- Michaela Torre -

Awesome YOU go brothers
- Roberta Sherman -

I love it
- Jamie Heitzmann -

No dought music in this song outstanding
- Swaleh Chishty -

Kurva konečně jsem to našel
- Paťa Baderle -

i love your song <3

My favorite song
- Pablo Arellano -

- thanh nam nguyen -

Omg I know someone that has the biggest crush on you
- Starr Crabtree -

I like this song, but this song is a copy of "La tortura" by shakira......
- xJosAntonio A -

The fact that they saw me dance to this song in concert is the reason why this song will always have a special place in my heart. 🥰
- Rodneysha Wooten -

I didn't want that song to end..
- Natasha Ipumbu -