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Muchaas graciaaaas Cory por esas joyaaaas de god of war... speramos con anciaaas el nuevo juego y speremoos y ojalá que nunca te salgas de santa monicaaaa porque gracias a ti Kratos sigue vivo entre nosotros ...empeze a jugar esta joya desde el 2008 y me sorprendió y desde ahí me enamore de godo of war Un saludoo y un abrazo a todo santa monicaaaa bendiciones y aquí speramos el nuevo juego .... Desde mexicooo un saludoteeeee
- minotauro sparky -

I think the second installment is usually better than the first. Spider-Man 2 both the game and film blew my twelve year old mind.

I can't speak for God of War in this instance though as the second game was my introduction to the series and haven't played GOW( 2005).
- Redwald Cuthberting -

Can you please make a heavanly sword 2 game
- Zakaria Hasna -

Love it when developers do this kind of stuf, feels like the players are "part of the team". Thank you Santa Monica for bringing us this amazing saga!!
- Nyxnik -

My step mom said "the day you stop learning...", and you said something similar, because of that you have my respect and I will be paying closer attention to you.
- Lump -

Gow2 is the best the end so epic.
- btd btd -

Thanks for everything santa monica
- sahand playz -

I want it
- Mirko Zappietro -

CORY BARLOG : idea comes from anyone, if we wanna purpose an idea or project , how it works?plz
- Khalil Vlogs -

Nice nice nice
- Mamadou lamine Coundoul -

This person is awesome 😎😎😎
- leon k -

GOW 2 Is tee Best GOW game

Change My mind
- Turbo Toke -

Cory I LOVE you 💝🌹
- حسن علي -

I almost read his name as Cody Balrog.
- JonatasMonte -

You have done well. Mr Barlog
- One Captain Garry -

I love you
- Arian Abbasi -

- Z.M. Gamer -

I'm glad you didn't put microtrasactions in God of War but the game should have sold for at least $79.99.
- omgwtfbbq -

6:44 when you ask her out and expect to take a no for an answer but says yes
- Vegeta -

Imagine that kratos model with our new kratos it would look amazing !!
- siddhu minche -