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Here after dark
- Mert Mert -

WWJD . Don't trust everyone. Cause I lost so much I can't trust anyone who really wants to help. Homeless sucks. Jesus got my back.
- Aaron Moore -

If I could turn back time I would help my brother out a lot more when he was depressed.

I did help him a lot but I don’t feel like I did enough.

He has chronic loneliness and anxiety now and this song makes him know I am always an Insta DM away.
- SlashediBook -

Baby hitler disliked this
- Racurz -

The start of the song.. It's a skillet song right? Can't remember it now...
- Tittr -

I wanna have i time machine en turn back time

If I could turn back time; Ide have been more willing to take suggestions from older people with more experience.
- Torissa Davenport -

I wouldn't have gotten married
- Sue McNish -

listening in 2020 anyone?
- Alexander Lykke -

If i could turn back time 🎶🎵don't we all wish that once while
The old songs are the best, the songs these days are just dumb and pointless. Love this song!
- Jean Little -

I am a hardcore metal fan through and through yet this is one of my all time favourite songs
Don't forget to turn back your clocks
“Were definitely naming our kid CHER”
- Kemmerzpj Lacyhki -

- Amanda Sapuan -

The devil. First to call it. Jebus
- katrina Newitt -

Like to turn back time darling
- Pokey Joe -

Words are like weapons
No singers like the past ! Music had meanings!
- lucas alaback -

- F. O. -

- Joe Guzek -

Smoking - Still! F$ck$ng Awesome!!! ♡
- Janks H -

"Pride" not, "love" is like a knife. Only flaw in the vid. Great tune.
- robertkf1 -

This song fits so perfectly... My Boyfriend stopped loving and left me, and my world was shattered. I wish I could turn back time and done things differently. I miss him so much
- [μη]Anna -