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Ok Cher your Drake trash magnets clear no Drake's black core hold tape in your 12,000 magnets in car radios clear backwards sun cam,heated magnets cloud hold over your cars Cher back and 4th in cloud magnetic heavens ,sun's heat hold in clouds turns magnets in clouds black for ninja St gaul
- Rich Gaul -

Cher and Tina are the Ones total respect because I've been there you inspire me love you Strong wonderful women.I wish they was more like yal in this generation to really know!
- Liz Bradley -

I love this song.
- Irish Rachel G -

Going to 50 What will a give to be a teenager in the 80s again
- Wayne Steyn -

Divorce song😏 I would never marry him 😟
- N. Marlene Stergiou -

That skillet intro....the fuck,? Rebirthing is the lamest song ever...the music is awesome but the lyrics are shit
- Cassandra Brothers -

love this song πŸŽ΅πŸ’œ if i could turn back time πŸŽ΅πŸŽ΅πŸ’œπŸ‘
- Jeanine Edmondstone -

I bet you wish you could turn back time hahaha...
My own remix for you to really think about and I hope you can't stop thinking about the consequences because the wheels are in motion.
You won't now when or how it will just Spring out of nowhere, like the element of surprise,
Just like the nasty element of surprise you gave me, you see I manifest my own karma in many ways possible..
- joe Bloggs -

Here's a song for you assholes to bear in mind..
- joe Bloggs -

Yes I turned back time I moved on
- Kathy Crawford -

If I could turn back time?? I'd be back in Hell Hollow where I had privacy & a life
- Counting Down The Days -

Hotel Hell brought me here
The old songs are the best, the songs these days are just dumb and pointless. Love this song!
Words are like weapons they wound sometimes
- Ron Fowler -

If I could turn back time I wish my gf had not passed away
- Pam Ivey -

If I could turn back time is one of the best song's in my opinion. I just love Cher always have as a little girl when she and Sonny would come on I was right in front of the TV she was my idle and still is
- Ramona Getz -

Still listening... *2019
- Robert Smith -

Words are like wepons, if I could find the way, I will give them all to you. Thank you for thees amazing words.
- Egle Davidsoniene -

Miss u mommy i love u rip
- amanda brosnan -

- Thomas Lock -

If I could turn back time, I'd go to 2012 and let Cher know that Donald Trump was going to be president.
- Scooter Doo -

Wish we could turn back time like it used to be
- Angela Gatenby -