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wait did he say...corona?
- Cameron Taylor -

Imagine naming your guitars after your band members children and then they drop you without a second thought.
- Roderick V Wenner -

21:00 lol those heads are there just for the looks....
- vexguine -

It only drops the value of a guitar if its played by a mere normal..but was owned buy red hot chili peppers guitarist its still of a good price on opinion only.
- enrico blanco -

"Badeep-Beep-Beep.. Hot off the presses in America... Anthony Kiedis is a junkie!"
- Mr. A -

Uncle Monty! 😁🤘
- Will Hessey -

I feel like the bass tech is on a whole different level than the guitar tech. The guitar tech is pretty much what you'd expect whereas the bass tech seems way more introverted but maybe that's a notable difference between guitar and bass techs or players in general.
- Garrett Babcock -

So many ruined solos and gigs. Ciao. Dont come back please
- Enio Rezende -

Every guitar teacher: "You don't need a lot of gear to have a great sound."
Each and every vid on famous guitar players gear: "You'll be needing an extra room and you might want to upgrade your electrical installation."
- TimMer1981 -

First tech is on cocaine, and if he isn't imagine if he ever was
- John Doe -

Josh was such a great addition to the Chili Peppers, but now that he’s back in the band will the next Rig Rundown be with John Frusciante?
- Andrew Pappas -

What should I study to be a guitar Tech ?
- kennyi avendano -

Why do you need 10 different overdrives that are set to pretty much sound exactly the same!? Too many pedals
- c mp -

I Can Attest through first hand expiriance, Band Aid Brand, Band aids are warmer sounding than off brand ones
- Rick W -

Yo they got a PS3 in there??!!
- brendan mccarthy -

Withnail and I reference, top draw. What a chap.
- mmmbilly -

Rewatching this two years later - I still think it’s pretty shitty how they essentially kicked Josh out of the band, probably won’t use any of his stuff on the next album, and have Frusciante back who I really don’t care about as a guitarist.

Ian is a saint for maintaining all those pedals. Oof.
- theplourde -

The lakers suits well for Kobe
- Timallon15 -

- Fabian Rangel -

30 min on guitar, 12 min on bass :-(
- Rhys James -