Musica top!!! Grande video!!!!
- Cristiano Martins -

- LivioCalvettiOfficiel -

He was genius in his lyrics!
- wealthy black man -

- Purna Shrestha -

Oh, I get it. This song is from his pet frogs perspective? Trapped in a jar? Accidently, washed because he was in his pants? 🤔 This should help frogs suffering form PTSD all over the world. Lol.
- Varela Studios -

Coolest way to make a lyric video ive seen so far!
- Darth Maul -

Songs about a husband who makes his wife slave over him, and she's in denial.
- GimmeSome Truth -

A really underrated song. If Kurt released that with nevermind it would’ve been big
- Americanylove -

Nirvana is legendary hands down
- NerdyCookieGaming16 :3 -

The clues that came to you not conclusion
- Daniel Aon -

Kurt distracts me from my overly traumatic and depressing life
- Lean Queen -

Grass hoppers like grass it recreate the environment there accustomed to...Mitch Headburg....☮️
- SWIM Smith -

Killer song. Great execution on the video!
- Jake Jargstorf -

Such a beautiful song - so meaningful behind the lyrics. 🖤
- •「CryCry ØzzyTM」• -

Isn't it "the clue that came to you "? instead "conclusion" ?
- Ven Vex -

This is put together so beautifully, very awesome job
- Brooklynn Adrian -

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