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To all of you whining little bitchs crying about the drunk, loud mouth and arrogant loser Ace not being in Kiss this is for you 🖕
- Jerry Allen -

Tommy really doesn't fit into this band - he's an actually cool guy. Gene is just a money grabbing cunt.
- cd0u50c9 -

Tommy is a "traditionalist"... in the tradition of Ace Frehley.
- Stiff Richard -

11:44 enjoy
- Joe Prohaska -

Caught a glimpse of him in 2013 at a Kiss convention in NJ. Tall as a tree , hell of a gentleman.
- Rajesh Ramaswamy -

Great work Tommy donating your money to the Children's Hospital, L.A. 👍🙂
- Desmond Castro -

Tommy donates to children, Gene sells a 10 thousand dollar bass a night to pad his retirement fund.
- RFXCasey -

KISS endless cheeziness, overratedness and moneywhorishness.
- RFXCasey -

Gene Simmons is the least talented bass player music has ever seen.
- 300 Rivers -

tommy regresa con su antigua banda black and Blue😅
- Juan Corchado -

- Andrew Itzla -

Gene and Paul are loathsome individuals.
- Erium -

18:05 the tech was basically like "D0nt sAy F1r3bird WashBuRn wiLl kiLl m3"
- Lucas Mooy -

- buff daddy -

How did seymour duncan get away with making the double cream pups? I've always read dimarzio has a ™ on the double cream
- Real Truth -

Yeah everybody hates Tommy butt ace is a disgusting POS drug addict loser scumbag
- Carlos Lozada -

Tommy Thayer the mannequin
- snuka_ 420 -

But compared to Ace, he's a genius.
- Jerome Jerome -

Liberace turned down one of pauls guitars once - said it was too over the top - even for him
- William Gainford -

Dude...Tommy Thayer is a super cool guy.
- Charles Wagner -