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is that how techno is made? 🤔
- jonny peterson -

Sound Of Arman Sounds Like My Name, Arham
- Arham Rahman - Official Channel ✔️ -

I think he left off to drink Havana Club
- LaIslaGrande 2 -

- 0 1 -

Djs have skills??? I thought they could just smell fart

How come the crossfader is all the way to the left? Is there like a setting to the CDJ for that to happen? Sorry I'm kinda new in DJing
- Rangga Lubis -

To everyone who thinks this, you're missing the point. DJing like this in itself is obviously not that hard. The point is not to show skill, it's to play music that people can have a good time with. A lot of mainstream DJs do happen to be real musicians, though, but it's not through their ability to DJ, it's because they are actual music producers, and many of them can play physical instruments very well. Kudos to those who DJ nonetheless. It's a skill that is under high scrutiny and is hard to make a living with. Without them we couldn't vibe in the clubs the same way.
- Ben Alyk -

Some of the biggests dj's in the world don't even do that in their live shows. They push the Play button and barely do any improvisation because they would fuck all the light show up.
- David L. -

Spotify has song radios to find new similar songs and crossfade. So basically only thing needed is AutoDJ for Spotify :D
- VolvoSuomi -

So talented! He went to Julliard and many other muzak schools to learn this. I have nothing but aburration for this sKill.
- John Garvey -

Love Hot Since 82! Great taste
- Dmaster247 -

hahahah really cool
- Geryken -

Listen at you all blowing smoke..

I once did support for a top DJ (can't give is name for obvious reasons) but as he just wanted a fun & drug fuelled night he pre mixed everything on his laptop back at the hotel room and then after doing a few lines, we hit the venue, got the crowd banging with the laptop and did some more lines.
And this guy is at the top of his game.

Damn that Cola is a good drink.
- Trek World Racing -

Awesome !
I have a controller at home but I may be going to play in some clubs soon, problem is I do not own any cdjs (too expensive), that’s helping me a lot !!
- Nicolas Zanardo -

Thank you! This is genuinely very helpful for someone just starting out.
- JColli -

I like how you tried to fuck the table the whole video.
Anyway, it was great. I always wanted to know, how they (and you) do their shit and why they (and you) do their shit exactly like that. Thank you very much, bro. Really, you're awesome.
- Андрей Соколов -

What is a DJ if he can't scratch?
- canopeaz -

🤣 I was distracted a lot by the huge package in his pants 🤣🤣🤣😻😻😻😻

this is what shit djs do
- Xennex -

Ahh knobs
- Harri Wells -