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Bermuda Triangle: I make people disappear

Chris : I’m about to jump of a yacht
- FinnyBicycle779 -

can I get 2000 $ plz
- Andres Guzman -

Finally some good sh-!
- 5CH1Z0P5YCH0 -

do a songe/ diss track plz
- PlayForFun -

OMG I can't find myself! Oh Pandoroa, where you at?
- David Shanks -

I culd see the City in the back round so i dont think you were in the barmuda triangel
- Magnus Anfinnes -

That camera is gonna be found in the future and all they will see is that time lapse footage😂
- S. Marie -

What the fuck
- Rupap Jamatia -


Morgz:copies him
- jesifirefly -

I survived Bermuda Triangle in Bahamas
- Mommy Of2 -

If you watch the end marcas didn't get off the boat when they did
- Bubble man -

Don’t do this it is dangerous
- storms dad taekwondo reyes -

- storms dad taekwondo reyes -

Chandler in land: FRICK I have lost

Chandler In the Bermuda triangle : I am inevitable
- frost jack -

Jimmy is the biggest dad to his children lmao.
- Hanna Hacker -

2:45 cameraman has some fun
- your mom -

- Claire Chong -

2:41 death sound Minecraft
- Nathan's Gaming -

Pewdiepie 100M subs: 2M views
MrBeast: every content hits 26M and more 😂
- Kocham Cie -

many ships and aeroplanes gone missing in the bermuda traingle

Mr beast: me and the boys are going
- Klrq Z -