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Kurt sounds so young- you can tell as he got older his voice got deeper
- fruitypebbles -

Legit best version of spank thru in here tho
- Gabriel Bassani -

so cool Cobain was young and still a legend .
- Ty Mondor -

Unknown #1 sounds fucking killer!
Please tell me you know of somewhere that has the whole song?
Would give my right arm
- mildpigeon -

Holy fucking shit, 1 and a bit Nirvana songs I’ve never heard before!!!
Genuinely thought there was no more out there.
Unknown #1 and Unknown #3
- mildpigeon -

Grew up loving this stuff......never gets old, unlike you and me
- Chazz Hawk -

Drummer sucks ass tbh
- Etward -

Best band ever
- Adán oficial -

Their old drummer fucking rocked. Wonder what things would have been like had he not got the shaft. Not saying Dave wasn’t Amazing too.
- wearypirates -

Pretty good, be able to become a great band in the future.
- caio prestes -

I have never heard this! Thank you (and Nirvana)!
- PrPwnage -

Love the t-shirt wish I had it
- Kevin Rachman -

You should write that Aaron is on drums in the description because most people don't know that.
- Mad Malik -

Kemeja nya kek batik indo😅
- Al Fabyo Radha -

who is drummer
- Keenan Brenning -


Slow tempo Downer is an absolute banger!
- Peter Nguyen -

Unknown 3 makes me feel things only stevie wonder can see
- DMTiki -

19:30 that was sick
- Grognak Thog -
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