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when the video is 4:20 long
- Turbid Orc -

The dislikes are from ppl who haven’t seen the breakfast club
- Roy Blancas -

Este tema es la propaganda de la Cerveza. !!!!!!!
- Lorena Alvarez -

Una voz Extraordinaria !!!!!!!
- Lorena Alvarez -

Y no me canso de Escuchar !!!!!!!!!
- Lorena Alvarez -

Mi novio en ese entonces ahora mi Marido con el conocí y escuche este Buenisimo. !!!!! Tema que hasta ahora sigo escuchando. !!!!
- Lorena Alvarez -

Me pone la piel de gallina !!!
- Lorena Alvarez -

Que vos impactante!!!!!!
- Lorena Alvarez -

Guapo !! Y joven !!!!!
- Lorena Alvarez -

I miss GTA 5 the good times
- Cookie Eater 1739 -

This somg reminds me of GTA 5 Non stop pop FM Or something like that
- Cookie Eater 1739 -

I was in high school, class of 1984. Miss , miss the music and simple times
- Walter Chavoya -

Regular show tho
- s0n4r -

Melhor música da época pra mim curto muito fiz muita viajem ouvindo esta música sou caminhoneiro me ajuda ate hoje a fazer os horários mirabolantes
- André Machado -

I always come back to this song. You can't forget's beautiful!🌻🌻🌻
- Nae Nae -

Adoro as músicas dos anos 80 e 90.
- Paulo Henrique -

This is not a new wave song. Do you hear me? This is not a goddamn new wave song. They were, at one time, a new wave band, but not at this point, for God's sake. The fucking Breakfast Club for God's sake. Yuck.
- Has Good -

Summer 1985, was writing GCE exams we were leaving high school @ 16. This was our graduation song.
How life has changed since then, to be young n free again :(
- Dell Chica -

East London in the 80s.....My three sisters and I......Amazing times! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
- Kensy Skye -

Good morning titan
- Aashamz P Darshen -