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At 33, this song just takes me somewhere. I never fully appreciated it back in ‘02. There was a period I can remember when this song was on MTV and radio on repeat. Spring ‘02 maybe. The song comes on in the grocery store and I just freeze.
- jeremy1069fm -

Oh men, it's so nostalgic listening to this music again. If only we can go back to time. Right fellas?
- Ivan Exequiel Sytico -

So first she makes him leave the concert, and then when he goes over to talk to his friend she throws herself out of the bus into the rain. The dude comes out and wonders what's wrong and she leaves him alone in the rain...
- AaA WwW -

its the first band who used dio's ZA WARUDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO still love this song in 2020
- kyon nix -

I always thought that she was absolutely gorgeous! Don't know what it is about her!🤤😅
- Joshua MAC -

Resembles Noah Cyrus. Lol
- Jasmine Fern -

Yo... I haven't heard from her in quite a while... I love this track...
- Dirk van der Merwe -

Underrated 🤍
- Jane Lirios -

Michelle is so pretty & so sexy & can sings so well;! I Love her 4 life!!
- dan goh -

11:36am 05/23/2020
- Kime Tayag -

This is the era when you actually understand what the singer is singing about, because they pronounce it clearly instead of just mumbling the lyric away
- Huda Sarkowi -

Busy out there:/
- Alberto William Alves Viana -

- She Royales -

I’ve been a big fan since spirit room first came out !! Michele is a wonderful songwriter and has an amazing voice and every song she made I still listen to always 🎸🎧
- kennpierce43 -

I love this song 🥺
- Eve Heart -

2:16 Bit of a dick move by this bus driver, stopping the bus in the torrential pouring rain about 6 feet from a sheltered place. I know, it's where the bus stop is, but jeez. Everyone seems to be getting off there straight into movie-rain level pouring rain.
- Samgab -

straight banger omms! lol so what fck yall nd she super bad af this shit go
- oswaldo rivera -

This song was eh but when this song came out there was some good memories
- ryeryr lolokl -

Nota mil música em plena quarentena. 2020 Recife Brasil
- Genildo Ferreira -

I had a real hussy 2 girlfriends. I was betrayed more than once.
- Brandon Packard -